Science is so freaking cool.

Scientists create a working bionic eye.

That is so cool. Immagine if instead of a regular camera they hooked up an infra-red camera, a patient could see in the dark. Or if they hooked up the electrodes directly to a cable line or a computers video card. You would be able to “see” without a screen. :eek:

Post other examples of really cool science stuff.

You should do a search on Tuckerfan’s threads. He’s always posting the latest cool science/tech news.

They taught a monkey to control a robot using it’s brain. Over the internet. Did you hear me?

Remote controlled Monkey powered Robots!

Why are we not hiding in bunkers yet?

I, for one, welcome our… nah, too easy.
I see your Mad Monkey Robot and raise you a Mad Pediatric Surgury Performing, Doctor Controlled Robot.

The worst part of the eye is that damn noise.


I’ll see your Mad Pediatric Surgery Performing, Doctor Controlled Robot and raise you a Mad Trumpet Playing Robot!

Mad Self-Asembling Nano-Scale Tumor-Imaging (Even Through One Centimeter of Flesh) Robots?

Ha! They’re no match for my Mad Grenade Throwing Robots!! Bwaahahahaha!

Ironically, that alone will probably set you back six million bucks.

Huh. What do you know. It is a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world!

Women are no longer slaves to pregnancy and the human race is capable of fully controlling family planning. Ok, so it’s not really all that new but I still consider it cool science stuff. :smiley:

(sorry, couldn’t help myself :wink: )

It is cool though, this bionic eye. I’m a bit of a tech-geek sometimes, and I admire these things. But where will it end? Will a day come when overpopulation is the only reason we have to end a life, because we’ll be able to sustain human individuals infinitely otherwise? It’s not that far off, you know. Will the day come that we decide that everyone has the right to 100 years max, and then will be terminated? Will we like China impose a 1 child limit? Surely we’ll need to find some other inhabitable planets if we don’t.

Said grenades are nimbly dodged by those wearing Mad Super-Human Soldier-Enhancing Cyborg Robot Suit.

This is pretty cool… :cool:

Said Super-Human Soldier-Enhancing Cyborg Robot Suit is then fried by an 18 foot tall mecha with flamethrowers. :wink:


Oh man. Don’t let the mind control monkeys near that thing.

Or near the

Low tech but still cool science.