Scream found, Reward of two million M&Ms promised

So, it seems that the people over at M&M’s offered a 2 million dark chocolate M&M reward to anyone who returned Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

Seems that police in Oslo found the painting today, and so M&M’s is apparantly going to give them the reward. :smiley:


What inquiring minds want to know is…

Will they get coupons, or is someone going to deliver a dumptruck full of candy to some unsuspecting do-gooder?

I vote that they should have the Air Force loan them the services of a C-5 Galaxy (or get the Russians to loan them the keys to the An-226) and just drop it over his house. :smiley:

Actually, the way I understand it, they’re planning to give the award to the police, and they’re figuring out delivery methods at the moment.

I’m now picturing “The Scream” with the caption, “See? They melt in your mouth.”

Actually according to the press release, the reason they’re doing this is The Scream is used in the Dark Chocolate M&M advertising, with an M&M character playing hopscotch in the background and the slogan “Dark just got fun.”

Hopefully this will bring Dark Chocolate M&Ms back to my local supermarket!!!

I bought as many as I could while they were being test-marketed, to encourage further production, but, alas, it was not a job I could handle all on my own- and apparently you people couldn’t be bothered to help out!

How much would two million M&Ms weigh? Not too much I think.

Does the reward include a guided tour of the Mars, Inc., mysterious secluded factory, with its hallucinogenic boat ride, river of chocolate, and non-union and oddly disturbing Oompah-Loompah workforce?

And the painting was found just days after the M&M reward was offered. The clear implication is that the millions of dollars surely already offered weren’t enough of of an incentive, but toss in a few M&Ms, and suddenly it’s worthwhile to return the painting.

Man, I hope that the ad guys at Mars have the sense to milk that for all it’s worth.

Or: “OMFG!!! They melted in my hand!!!”

I didn’t think they were being “test-marketed”- I thought it was a special limited-time-only tie-in with Revenge of the Sith. Anyway, Dark Chocolate M&Ms are now an official Mars product- I’ve seen them on store shelves.

The Mars factory is not open to the public, and no known photos of the Mars family exist. Your hypothesis that the patriarch of the Mars family is actualy a well-known confectioner named William Wonka in disguise seems like a reasonable explanation, but seems unlikely, seeing as he already has a distribution deal with Nestlé. However, we cannot rule out the possiblity that a Wonka relative is in charge of the factory- since it’s located in New Jersey, presumably with mob ties.

Damn, I thought this was a joke thread before I checked the link… Wow! I’m very happy the two paintings have finally been located.

This is just… Dare I say it?

I’ll just get my own coat, thanks…

According to the linked article: Two million M&M’S® Dark Chocolate Candies translates to approximately 40,000 1.69 ounce bags with a retail value of about $22,000.00. So it’s the equivalent of 4225 pounds (1916 kilograms) - a big pile of candy but not an unimaginable one.


Delicious news for all. :smiley:

Maybe it’s Slugworth.

I was very happy to hear this news earlier in the day. The Scream is my favorite painting, and it really bothered me that it was stolen in broad daylight and stayed missing for two years.

Weird family. Based in Virginia. When Old Man Mars retired to Vegas, he built a little chocolate factory so he could experiment. He has an apartment in the factory which was owned by the corporation, which was owned by the family.

They charged him rent for the apartment. Very odd.

Awesome. One of my favorite paintings, and i’ve been worrying about this for a while.
In related news, i’m offering 2,000 Snickers bars for Jackie’s pink pillbox hat. Or 1,800 Twix.

50,000 Hershey’s kisses for the head of Osama bin Laden!

Using my handy-dandy kitchen scale, I found one dark chocolate M weighs about one gram.

2,000,000 M&Ms * ~1 Gram/M = ~2,000,000 Grams

That’s about 2 metric tons of M&Ms.

Please do not mention “kisses” and “the head of Osama bin Laden” in the same sentence.

Wouldn’t it have been really cool if the painting was returned by MacCauley Caulkin?