Screen shot of SDMB usable on TV?

O Great Powers That Be:

I will be on the television network Tech TV on Friday the 26th, talking about the science in movies. I’ve done this a couple of times before, but for this outing I asked the opinions of Dopers to get a list of possible movies to review, given a theme of paranoia of technology (here’s the thread).

I was wondering if it would be okay if I could show a shot of the SDMB on air, with the page in question shown. I would say “I threw this question to the good folks and weirdos who habitiate the SDMB, a board that lets people dispell ignorance” or some such.

Is that kosher? If not, I understand, and would not be at all paranoid.

Nuts. That’s the first time I have started a thread with a typo in the title. Could a mod fix the obvious misspelling of “screen”, please? Feh.

Lemme ask the Reader guys, I’ll alert them to this thread.

Fixed your title too.

your humble TubaDiva

The Bad Astronomer: I give you full permission to show my web page (with the picture of me) on any broadcast show, including the superbowl.

I should get approval from the Big Bananas, but what the hell. Go ahead. -Ed

Ah Ha! I knew it!

This place is run by giant tropical fruit.

All hail the Mighty Mangoes.

How about the Perfect Pineapples?

Somehow I think more of the ugli fruit. Not sure why.