Scrubs 03/01/07

A clip show?


A clip show???

Thanks for the warning (it kinda sounded like one from the DVR description).

As long as the clip show includes Amy Smart (T.C.W.) somewhere, it still may be worth it.

That was Amy Smart?



There ought to be a regulation that a clip show cannot be advertised as “All New.” “55% new,” maybe.

Alas, Tasty Coma Wife did not make an appearance, nor did the delicious Dr. Molly Clock.

[Babu] The lady, she say, “Stay tuned for more Scrubs.” I stay tuned, but there is no more Scrubs. Just credits. Then the lady say, “Stay tuned for more 30 Rock.” But there is no more 30 Rock! This is a very, very bad lady. [/Babu]

How can you have a Scrubs clip show with no showing of Dr. Molly Clock?

They tried to cushion the blow with the little gag introducing the first set of clips – the little “I would be just like a bad sitcom doing a clip show instead of coming up with something original” bit. Which was amusing, and would have worked better if it was just prefixing ONE set of clips.

Instead, the whole show turned into clips. And the “new” material wasn’t all that great. Didn’t even seem to have any real resolution on the “telling the guy why he had a head injury” bit – other than just Elliot going in to tell him.



God, what a huge disappointment. I can only assume it was because Feb sweeps is over and since Scrubs just came back on air, they didn’t want to go with a repeat this soon.

And no one explained why Dr. Cox lost a bet and shaved his head. :eek:

This could have been such a good show, but they didn’t even show Elliot telling the guy why he lost his memory, just a shot through the window.

The writers must have been on vacation. Ick ick ick ick.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the whole season.

“30 Rock” was off a little, too. Although, Tina Fey shooting someone at the Source awards was sort of funny.

Yeah, in spite of that cushioning setup, this may have been one of the worst clip shows I’ve ever seen. There was no rhyme or reason to the clips, the music didn’t fit, and even though they were set up as JD’s memories, there were scenes he wasn’t even in.

Or, in the case of a certain funeral clip, we definitely weren’t seeing things from JD’s perspective.

Talk about disappointing! I never got into Scrubs until my daughter recently started watching re-runs. And the glut of shows I already waych on Thursday. So last night was the 1st time I tuned in to watch it when it aired, and I get a clip show!

I also agree that the recent trend to saying “stay tuned for more” and then not giving it should be stopped.

Or when it’s eight or nine minutes before the scheduled end and they say it; well, yeah there’ll be more, it’s only 2/3 over. :smack:

I enjoyed it.

I certainly enjoyed the scenes of Elliot in skimpy clothing. They could devote an entire episode to that, and I wouldn’t complain.

amen! I dont think Sara Chalke gets enough props as being one of the sexy woman in hollywood. She is HOT! :cool:

Eh, maybe it’s the way she acts, but she’s hardly one of the hottest women in hollywood.

The funny thing, though, is she looks great on TV, but in still photos she usually looks…odd.


I’d forgotten her real name, so I just call her the hot Becky Conner.

This was also my first time catching an episode when it actually aired. I only recently discovered this show when Comedy Central started playing it like it was going out of style. I turned my roommate onto it, and he started Tivoing it. We love it.

Last night’s was a disappointment, if for no reason other than Dr. Perry Cox felt like a parody of himself. He’s probably my favorite character on TV right now, but his gimmick last night of “You’re staying here forever” just felt…flat.

I think it’s because, while she’s cute, she’s not supermodel material- but her personality pushes her into the “hot” zone.