Scrubs 5/5 and 5/6: The Final Two Episodes (maybe)

Last week’s ep was preempted for the presidential press conference, so ABC is airing two new eps this week - one tonight, and the one hour finale on Wednesday.

According to TV Guide, more than 50 former guest stars will return for the finale. Since ABC has yet to announceif the show will be added to its fall lineup, it could very well be the final episode ever.

sniff I really hope ABC picks this up in the fall with the new interns as the focus. It’s hard to imagine life without Scrubs.

I’m torn. On the one hand, Jo and Sunny are very amusing, and I could see them as the new JD & Turk. (Or, hell, even as the new JD & Eliot). On the other hand, it seems pretty clear that the show won’t continue with Zach Braff, and his narration is a large part of what makes Scrubs the amusing farce it is.

I’m okay with it ending. It had a good long run, let it go out on a high note.

Seeing you makes me also think that, if Scrubs is scrubbed (and also Better Off Ted) I will be free to cultivate my seething hatred of Disney and all its pomps without guilt.

Cancel Pushing Daisies, will you? Bastards. But you’ll pay. Oh, how you’ll pay. Both you and then, one day, your heirs!

As much as I enjoy this show, I think it’s probably time to let it end. The final season has been wrapping everything up as neatly as I could’ve hoped. I don’t really want a new cast. It just wouldn’t be the same.

I have to agree. Without the existing cast I’m not sure it can continue. Unless, of course, they renamed it the Bob Kelso show and focused solely on him. My favourite character on that show…yikes, hope they don’t kill him off in the finale!

Oh, I’ll join you in that one. I’ll never forgive them for that or Sports Night. And I refuse to watch *Ghost Whisperer *because CBS cancelled Joan of Arcadia.

I had forgotten all about Sports Night. Now my irrational hatred is doubled, and it was already at kill-all-mice level.

Okay, I cried a little. Nice to see Laverne again.

As a devoted follower of this show, I’m sad to see it go, but god that was a good (most likely final) finale.

That was the longest, most self-indulgent, series finale I have ever seen. It just kept going and ended at ten minutes to, suggesting there might be a moment of redemption in the offing, but I realized halfway through the pile of commercials that no, the long nightmare was over. I can only hope this is the last we see of Zach Braff, who is ugly, annoying, untalented, and (worst sin) unfunny. I only watched it for the others.