SDMB Celebration Thread

During my recent unemployment, I realized that a whole lot of the threads on here are pretty negative- someone died, someone’s child has gone off the rails, somebody’s dog died, someone lost their job, etc…

While these things are important, I think it’s probably a good idea to have a thread to celebrate the good things that have happened to us- large or small! Chime in and let’s celebrate the good stuff that’s going on!
I’ll kick it off- I got a job! I accepted an offer today for a job that pays about 16% more than my pre layoff job, and is what I’d like to do career-wise, to boot! I’m pretty excited, as you can imagine!

I graduated a week ago, and today’s dinner was good. Health is fine. Ummm… overall life is good.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Here, it’s spring, and that is very good.

She told me that she loved me :slight_smile:

Congratulations everyone! After seemingly nothing but bad news on my own personal front forever, we were finally approved yesterday for a home loan. It’ll be a nice (well, for us anyway) place to live! I’m soooo excited!! :smiley:

My twins graduated from HS this week, and will be off to college at the end of summer.

I scored 117 points in a single turn in Scrabble today.

I had my annual medical this morning. I had lost 4kg since last year and I did a couple more minutes on the treadmill.

I turned 26 on Monday, I should be able to finish editing my book over the three-day weekend, and my second anniversary with my girlfriend is coming up.

I graduated college 2 weeks ago and get to spend from tomorrow to Tuesday morning with my boyfriend - twice as long as a normal visit. Yay! Weekend of him, video games, BBQ, beer, sunshine (hopefully).

After a dry spell of dead call backs and wasted resumes, I have a job interview tomorrow that actually seems sort of promising! I’ve also managed to finish the complete copy of my novel’s manuscript. Er, or at least the unedited version. lol

Congrats to all!!! Here’s to a better day.

I got up to 20 K done on the first draft of a novel. :slight_smile:

I got my carpets cleaned for free today! :smiley:

I had “All You Can Eat Sushi” for dinner!

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m moving overseas.

To where?

It’s Friday before a three day weekend! Woohoo!!!

I made a really great roast chicken for dinner last night. The brownies I made for dessert for the first time didn’t suck. The company was amazingly lovely. Most of my food was not wasted.

I have a plan to catch me as I fall. I’m going to see my long-distance boyfriend in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour from now. He’s going to stay for four days, AND he’s kind enough to help me pack and move.

I’m going to spend a lot more time than usual at home over the summer, which means maybe I’ll actually make the time to see everyone. Hopefully I’ll also be able to recharge my emotional state and my bank account.

I start school officially again in August. I may be able to keep working on it unofficially while I’m gone, though that is going to be much more of a challenge.

I like challenges.

I got a promotion at work. I start when I get back from the 3-day weekend.

We met with a realtor last night about selling our house. It looks like our worst fears about the declining values of real estate were overblown. Property values in our neighborhood haven’t tanked. They’ve even edged up a little.

And, I successfully completed all three home repair projects I had planned for this week. Stuff that has been bugging me for months bugs me no longer.

Good news all around. Happy birthdays and graduations.

It’s Friday before a 3-day weekend, but I’m cutting out early and taking an extra day, and spending it in one of my two favorite places in the universe. And the weather promises to be really nice.

After a painful breakup last year, I was a bit lost trying to get back into the dating world. In January I started in earnest to date, and finally got the ball really rolling a couple of months later. I wasn’t looking for anything other than an improved social life. I wasn’t looking for love, sex, and kinks beyond my wildest imagination.

I never knew it could be like this. Wow. She’s coming to visit me on Sunday!