200 posts.

I wanted to celebrate my 200th post in a unique way…but all I could come up with is a cookout at the lake. How’s that? Grab your fishing poles, worms, bathing suits, bug spray and beer… and get ready to PARTY!

I’ve got burgers and hot dogs on the grill, all the condiments are over there… beer’s in the ice chest… Dig in!
Drewbert, Heloise, Opis, Swiddles, Democritus, andygirl, Anniz, iampunha, Homer, Techchick, AudreyK, matt_mcl, dropzone, Omniscient, and Falcon… You’re all invited.
Everyone on SDMB is welcome… bring your friends!!!
We can even have a campfire tonight… SMORES!

I brought an extra keg, just in case. Happy 200th jj!

::: pulling up a few 2-gallon jugs of homemade sangria :::

“Didn’t you forget the potato salad, too?”

::: pours a glass of sangria, sets up a chair, and waits for the rest of the party to start :::

Happy 200!

…but you didn’t invite me.

“I have heard it said, unbidden guests
Are often welcomest when they are gone.”
–Henry VI, Part 1, Act 2, Scene ii

“Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast:
You are princes and my guests.”
– Pericles, Prince of Tyre, Act 2, Scene 3
Did you not read that everyone is welcome? Or are you just pouting that she didn’t call you out by name? Come, have a beer.

Oh, perch on a griddle, they’re quoting Shakespeare again.

Okay, we’ll leave them to it, I guess. I’ll just mosey off into the woods for a bit (muttering Pope and Cowper) and gather wood to grill the fish.

Dang lightweights; anybody who can’t gut the fish, make the fire and dig the lemon out from underneath the car seat deserves to dine on damp Fritos.

Hey, great party, BTW. Somebody toss some bait at the those lumps on the log…and toss me a beer while you’re at it.

Not sharing,

::walking back to the cookout with five fish on a string::
Veb, Java, Demo… I’m glad you could come! Oh… thanks Demo, for the extra keg.
mmmm… Sangria … mind if I poor me a glass? Or are those 2-gallon jugs just for you? Heh Heh
and geeeez, DRY… Drink this beer

::trotting over to the campfire with a garbage bag full of kind bud::

Heya kids! Looky what daddy brought!

I hope the worms have nothing to do with the bathing suits. Happy 200 posts, jjjfishe. Am I invited also?
O_o Inquiring minds must know. ** O_o**


I’m here now and I take a beer and sit down
and see what happeneds.
Am I a V.I.P ?:wink:
Becaus you named me.:wink:
Always wanted to be that.

Woohoo I’ve been invited! :slight_smile:

And to think I was feeling slightly guilty for egosurfing by searching for my own name in the SDMB. Look what I would’ve missed if I hadn’t!

Anyway… I’ve got the Fritos just in case. Trying to keep them dry.

::looks for someone to toss a frisbee around with::

Hiya there, jjjfishe! ::hug:: So sorry I’m late. I’ve brought chips and dip and sodas (for those who want to remain sotally tober!) for the party, though!

I’ll play Frisbee with you, drewbert!

jjjfishe, happy 200!

(Also a happy 100 to enilorac!)

You should have told me you were going to throw a party. I started hours ago, so I guess I may just miss your shindig. Happy 200th anyway.