SDMB Dreams

Lately, because I’ve been sick, my dreams have been sort of discombobulated and I don’t remember that much about them, if anything at all. However, I do remember that I dreamed about the Straight Dope boards last night… specifically, I dreamed that someone had started a Pit Thread about me. I don’t remember who started it or why, but I do remember that the title was something pretty unoriginal (like “Avalonian, what’s your problem?” or something), and I was weirdly happy about it… I’ve never had a Pit thread about me, that I know of.

Pretty sad, huh?

Anyone else ever had dreams involving the SDMB?

I started a thread about one I had a few weeks ago.

I had a dream in which I was being highly inconvenienced somehow (I don’t recall the details, other than being pissed off). I actually started mentally composing a Pit thread about the matter while dreaming, with the intentions to post it as soon as I got home. When I woke up I realized it was all a dream and thus, no Pit thread had to be written.

Just a sign that I spend too much of my time here.

Wouldn’t it have been worse if you woke up and found out that the Pit thread had in fact been written?