SDMB Fantasy Football League

Yeah, I know, it’s May, but hey, Football (the NFL to be exact) is a large part of my non-work life.

I’d like to set up a SDMB league, 16 teams tops, live on-line draft. No money, but the owners will each send a small ($5-10) item that represents either the Doper or the area they are from to the league champ. Maybe even somehow make a SDMB travelling trophy that the winner adds something to each year.

I’ll find the time to commish it.

Who’s interested? Motfort? OMNI? DKW? Joseph Finn? RTFirefly? Stuffinb? Crunchy? etc, etc…

I’m interested. I love fantasy football. The travelling trophy sounds like a great idea to me.

ok, 2 down. 14 to go.

I’ll start a list. I’m going to assume 8 spots taken in addition to White Lightning so the “regulars” get in.

I like the travelling trophy idea too. We’ll have to develop that idea.

And you forgot about me. Just for that I won’t play.

Oh, who am I kidding. I’m definitely in.

Ino, and others that I’m sure I forgot, no offense meant. I’m getting old and the memory is becoming more of a steel sieve than the steel trap it once was. You’re in.

And me? Am I not a regular? Hell, I’m busy in the SDMB fantasy croquet league right now. Count me in.

Oops. Sorry Dave. Like I said, the memory ain’t what it once was. You’re in, of course.

Did you get Oswald Cobblepot in the croquet league? That guy rules!

No, I got Jack Napier instead

Good one! How many people will catch those references?

I’m definitely in. I’ll be starting college around then so I won’t really know anyone who I can start a league with.

BKB - another that I forgot! I shouldn’t have even listed names apparently. You’re in.

What school?

With the first pick of the SDMB Fantasy Croquet Draft, Hamlet takes:

Dick Pearman.
Oh, I’d also like to get in on the fantasy football gig too. But for the injury to Edgerrin, I woulda won last year’s. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

It’s OK, I only started picking games around playoff season, which is when I joined the boards. I’m going to American, so there’s an off chance I could go to a Redskins, err, Warriors, game.

Hamlet is in. Assuming some spots already taken by **Montfort, Omni, DKW, Crunchy, Stuffinb, RTFirefly, etc. **, we have 2 spots left at best.

… a coup is under way to topple last year’s SDMB FFL Commissioner. Let’s hope it’s bloodless.

Is it because he crushed his fellow league-mates into oblivion?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…
P.S. I’m a huge NFL fan. But worrying about this in MAY?!? You are the NFL equivalent of the guy who wears the Enterprise shirt and the pointy ears at the Star Trek convention!


Will this be the same league (as Milossarian’s) or a different league? Many of the names are the same. Either way, count me in. I am not nearly obsessive enough, and I figure this is a great way to work on that particular New Year’s resolution.

Count me in, if there’s still room. I will be finishing school in 8 weeks, so I can finally concentrate on more important things (like FF’ball)

That should leave you all soiling yourselves in fear, BTW.

I finished damn near the bottom of Milossarian’s FFL last season… But if there’s room, sign me up!