SDMB Fantasy Football Leagues- Coverage

I posted in the signup thread about “sportswriting” with regard to the different fantasy football leagues. I’ve decided to dedicate my Teeming Millions website to this, for the writhing practice.

I’d like to “interview” some of the other coaches about draft prospects and predictions for the NFL season.

I am offering nothing for sale here- this is just for trash-talk, Monday morning quarterbacking, and analysis of the various SDMB leagues’ games.

Would anyone like to write a guest column? You don’t have to be a player- armchair QBs like jarbabyj are also invited to comment. You can say anything you like, but I reserve the right to moderate if anyone goes too far. You are all too civilized for that, though. :wink:

My site is and you can contact me through my email link. I will add a guestbook there as soon as I figure out what I’m doing wrong with the HTML.

There is a little bit there now, I’ll be adding more soon.

Where are all the SDMB leagues, and whose buttocks do I have to kiss to get into one of them?

dutchboy, there was a flurry of stuff about the leagues starting up, precipitated by the start of training camps, over the last couple of weeks in MPSIMS. Do a search on ‘fantasy’ over there.

Steelerphan, I’m more interested in this:

Well, it takes a lot of practice to writhe correctly…

Thanks Shib.

It took two days to notice this?

There is some truth in the typo. I have diabetic neuropathy and arthritis, and sometimes I am writhing when I post.

But why does it interest you, Gorgon? Pain is just one of those everyday things to me now. Unless you mean the sexual meaning implied in writhing- maybe if the Steelers win the big one this year, I’ll do some writhing in ecstasy.

But I can think of someone who will be writhing on Sunday, Week 1. And it’s not me.

Hey, you’re preachin’ to the Balors, man. I gots me some serious back issus. Still it was a joke. And I know nothing about fantasy football.

I do have a question that you may be able to answer though, Steelerphan: Can you recommend some “literature” on learning about football? Like, what the positions do, the specific rules, “downs” and all that.

You just can’t figure it all out by simply watching because they don’t talk about it, and I’ve only gotten into it in the past three seasons.

Can you shoot me an e-mail maybe with some suggestions on where I can look to get into the frickin’ game?


I could type for hours, but the easiest thing to do is to send you to - if you’re serious, you can get the basics there.

I stopped preaching to Balors because all they do is act pissed about the Baatezu, chase succubi, and torture their troops- if not in actual battle. They never listen. The Blood War is everything to them.