SDMB gamers, step forward

Hi, I’m Flyp, and I’m a Gamer.

Or at least I used to be. Now that I can drive and get into bars, my gaming hours have been cut drastically. And actually, I had a hard time suspending my disbelief enough to play most roleplaying games; I’ve mostly played wargames (like Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000) and CCGs (like Magic:the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings). Still, I cut my teeth on Dungeons and Dragons, and fantasy/science fiction games still hold a place in my heart.

I know we’ve had threads were we reminisced about our favorite D&D characters, but what I want here is more of a profile of what types of games you play(ed), with the occasional anecdote thrown in. John Corrado’s response to my post in the Paranoia thread got me thinking about this, so here’s my list:

1.Paranoia-this is one of the few RPGs that I could actually get into, probably because it’s so goddam funny. The PCs play genetically-engineered people in a huge industrial complex that is completely shut off from the outside world. A sentient but paranoid Computer oversees the complex, called Alpha Complex, and it demands utter loyalty from the PCs (and everyone else in Alpha Complex). However, there’s a bureaucracy that would boggle the mind in place in Alpha Complex, and between its endless forms and the machinations of the other people in the complex, the characters are almost constantly under suspicion of being Commie Mutant Traitors. And of course, Commie Mutant Traitors are executed on the spot. Each character starts the game with 6 clones; the average lifespan of those clones combined is generally about three game sessions (if the game’s being run right).

2.H.O.L-gotta love any game whose name stands for Human Occupied Landfill. That and the range modfier chart has categories like Really Not Far; Not Far, Really; Really Far; and Really Really Far. Oh, and there’s the skills, like Comprehension Through Pugiliation and That Psycho Bruce Lee Shit. And the Sodomy Bikers, ultimate antagonists.

3.Magic:the Gathering-a great card game when it started, but the rules they’ve heaped on it have sucked most of the fun out of it. Still, it’s one of the few ways gamers can actually make money in their hobby; Wizards of the Coast sponsors a series of Pro and Semi-Pro tours with purses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus, the cards were a good investment; I hope to sell my collection sometime soon, with an opening price in the $2K mark.

4.Legend of the Five Rings-another collectible card game. This one’s rules make a little more sense and the storylines behind it are awesome, which probably explains why the adolescents who flock to M:tG won’t touch it. It’s not everyday a player can actually effect changes in the storyline of the games they play. L5R does it regularly, with storyline tournaments where the cards in the player’s decks and the interactions during the games have a direct and powerful influence on the game’s future. I highly reccommend this game.

5.Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000-strategic wargames. The rules have been tested and changed about 6 times for both games, but they seem to get more streamlined each time. Rules aside, the miniatures are the highest quality on the market, and the support network Games Workshop has put in place is amazing.

Okay, I’m done. Now you guys.

I do D&D, mainly. But I had this thread over in IMHO, title “fantasy life”

Now that I’ve discovered alochol and the fairer sex, my gaming activity has decreased. From about 14 to about 20, I was an AVID gamer, though, playing a wide range of stuff.

Warhammer RPG is an excellent system and is by far one of the best fantasy games out there. I played some 40k, but didn’t have the money to sink into a bunch of mini-figs…that stuff is expensive!!!

I too was a slave to the smack they call Magic:TG during the early years (94-96) and still have all my cards. I probably sunk about $500 bucks into that game, I should probably look into selling them…they’re collecting dust in a closet.

My favorite RPG of all time, though is Mayfair’s DC Heroes, which was one of the most elegant systems ever devised by mankind (except the gadgets…don’t even begin to talk about the gadget rules). I was a big comic-book fan, so I played all the Super Hero games, and DC stuff out from the crowd in my mind. Champions was ok, but boy was it rules heavy!!!

Paranoia is a blast to play, we had so much fun with that one. Toon was another fun as hell game for the non-serious nights. Call of Cthulu was fun in that “How long will my character live” kind of way. I don’t think we ever really completed a game, though…we all died or went insane.

sigh…this kind of makes me yearn for the good old days of gaming.

I am an avid gamer, and spend probably far to much time indulging my little hobby. I guess my favorites over the last year or so would be:

5.) Fallout 2.

This game just was so awesome. RPG’s are my thing, and I started with D&D and Gamma World on paper, so the GURPS style character statistics in this game were very cool. Anything post-apocalyptic generally perks my interest too.

4.) Dungeon Keeper 2

Just like the original, only even better, if that was possible! I love the whole bass-ackwards role in this game, being the bad guy taking over the world and keeping the good guys out. Just fun.

3.) System Shock 2

Hehe, see a trend here yet. :slight_smile: This game kept me on the edge of my seat with the eerie setting and wierd noises. It also made me freak out quite a few times when something came out of nowhere to assault me. Very good premise continuing the storyline of the first System Shock, which was also very good.

2.) Ultima IX:Ascension

Hrm. What else is there to say, it’s an Ultima. I have been an avid fan of these games all the way back to Ultima I. The graphics are beautiful, the setting is wonderful, and the story is pretty good too. I really, really liked this game. I wasn’t plagued by any of the troubles that apparently most people had with the bugs in this one, hehe.

1.) EverQuest

Aha! The pinnacle of gaming addiction, EverCrack. What’s better then gaming. Gaming with a whole lot of other gamers. This game may lack storyline, and there may be some problems, but it sure is great fun to get together with online and RL friends to adventure, slay monsters, and BS with each other all at once!

There are sooo many others, I could go off on this type of thing all day long, but I’ll stop before it gets too long-winded. :wink:


Well, as I have said in other threads, I’ve been Role playing since 1978, when I was 7. I currently run a periodically updated game online, and role play all day on most Sats (Noon to 10PM or so.) My favorites are:

GURPS: It has its weaknesses, yes. But I enjoy the basic flexibility in the system, and their sourcebooks are unequaled. GURPS Space is probably the best handbook for how to create and SF world there is, for gaming or otherwise.

AD&D: The classic, not as realistic as some with a granilarity to the rules you could use to sand wood with, it still lends itself to roleplaying the epic hero style the people love to read in books. Modified AD&D is what my GM runs on Sats.

Cyberpunk 2020: Cyberpunk with style. A gritty no nonsense roleplaying experience.

Paranoia: This is a tough game to catagorize, it can be a dark depressing world if the GM is a sadist, it can be just depressing if the GM plays it realistically, or it can be a real blast if the GM says “Heck with the real world, lets have fun.” (In which case, think a warner brothers loony tune set loose in 1984…)

Toon: Another game that with the right GM can be a total blast.

TFOS (Teenagers From Outer Space): If you like anime comedy, this is your role playing game.

D&D got me started. I quit playing D&D and do not miss it much. I do miss the Star Wars RPG.

If you still like D&D there are two games to check out, Baldurs Gate, and soon to be released Icewind Dale


Everyone likes Squaresoft. Who couldn’t? I’ve played Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, Legend of Mana, a little Secret of Mana, Vagrant Story, and a bit of Final Fantasy 4 and 5. I like Squaresoft. You should too. Especially the music. My pride and joy is the gig of MP3s I have of their music. :slight_smile:

real accountants like Champions 2nd edition

I was a gamer way back although I haven’t played recently (the last group I was with broke up about five years ago).

As a teenager, I played D&D, Traveller, Fantasy Trip (which was the precuser to GURPS), and Metamorphosis Alpha (and if you recognize that name, you must be a RPG fanatic). Later I did some AD&D, Twilight 2000, GURPS, TORG, WoD, and more Traveller. I was also always a board gamer and played a lot of crossover games like Talisman (I eventually developed an extensive set of variant rules). Never got into the card games much although I played SimCity and Illuminati a few times and have an almost complete Xxxenophile set.

Um, games I play, or have played way too much in the past few years…

  1. Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  2. Magic: The Gathering
  3. EverQuest
  4. Asherons Call
  5. Rollercoster Tycoon

Especally rollercoster tycoon – just the other day I missed lunch because I was playing this…

Can’t believe that I forgot Ars Magica, a game where the mages really are the powerfull ones. There is game balance in the system…the scales tilt to the mages. :slight_smile:

I played AD&D, Champions (the rules almost cover everything!), Marvel Super Heroes (so-so) and other role-playing games.

I also played M:TG, where I had one of my favorite moments. Back in the days where you played real decks, creature decks (not those Fruity Pebbles decks that proliferate today), I was using a 5-color flyer deck against my friend who was using a Atog/artifact deck. He wound up ahead 49-1. Only my Zuran Orb was saving me. I turned the tables with and Earthquake and wound up winning the game.

Hey there – I’m not into WarHammer 40k, but my ex-husband was! He’s spent thousands of dollars on miniatures and painting supplies, spent whole weekends playing with his buddies. I could never figure out which he liked better – the painting or the playing. He did churn out some pretty incredible stuff, and he entered (and won) many miniature competitions (not to mention selling the painted sets for a hefty profit).

I did have one complaint. The metal shavings and bit parts are a BITCH when you step on them.

I was brought up on the Midle Earth system (MERPS) and then graduated into Rolemaster. Did the AD&D thing of course and then had a void of several years.

Then two years ago a friend got a few of us together and we modified the GURPS system and created our own version. We then started a contemporary detective/agent campaign which was nothing short of diabolical. Then we used the same system to start a major fantasy campaign which is still underway.

I haven’t the time for anecdotes atm, but will endeavour to do so later.

Cheers all.

Well as I’ve said before I FFRP online in chats… unfortunately the chat we were in has now changed to another one and no one really likes it (Too much like Yahoo for our tastes) as well several can’t get into it (like me). So now my RP is going to be split between 2 areas… ATT and ClubChat. The ClubChat is going to be more along the lines of WOD (with still FFRP in it) in a post apocalyptic city. (To explain why the House moved and what happened to Lycosia etc) and the other is still solely FFRP (well what we don’t bring into it from such things as D&D and WW)

Uh, am I a REAL gamer if I love Riven and Myst and am wishing I had a time machine so I could jump to Spring 2001 and get my hands on Myst III? Or does that just make me a dork? :frowning:

Audrey-probably a dork, but we’ll take you anyway.

Damn, glad to see I no where near alone in this.

I’ve played GURPS (endless variety), Champions (superpowers rock!), Deadlands (zombies of the Wild West), and AD&D (old fave), but the logest running game so far has been our Star Wars RPG campaign. Two and 1/2 years and counting without losing a character! :smiley:


I am still looking for fellow Mage players.
I still play with a large group. One week it is Mage and the next AD&D.

We just had a store open up in our area which sets up tables for you to come in set up and use. When they guy was telling us about them we just laughed.
Our games last from around 7pm to 2am.
Him “Oh, well then you must play two or three games a nite!”
Us “No, we just have a sadistic game master”

If we ever went in there and set up the store would never survive. Hell, there are times when we weren’t sure if the house would survive.

aw crud. you each name like 5. sigh thinks well… I suppose… given… say… 10? I’d choose (in NO particular order):

  1. AD&D ok, so it’s rule-filled. Depends on yer GM actually. Recently my GM’s have been more involved with story than with rules, so some of the rules have gotten bent in favor of fun. Best when you have groups of four or five players to a GM

  2. Planescape: Torment. I LOVE not having to die! Morte is a freak, Vhailor is scary, and the attitude of the whole game is just fun. I don’t know why noone makes games where you don’t die - it’s just great!

  3. Everquest/Asheron’s Call/Ultima Online. I’ve played EQ, playing it a lot this last couple of weeks. I beta’d AC, and continued for a brief time after beta. There are good and bad things about all of them. The worst parts as far as I’m concerned involve death penalties and the complete lack of roleplaying anything other than kill-sell-kill-sell-kill-sell-maybe develop a hobby. :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. DK 2. It was fun. Something about being the badguy, and SLAPPING those imps around! (ok, so part of me just wants a harem of slaves to slap around, but it was FUN).

  5. Thief and Thief 2. Garret has to be the sexiest character I’ve seen yet in ANY computer game. Besides that, the gameplay rocks, the sound rocks, and it’s all around an incredible series.

  6. Shadowrun. Cyberpunk with magic :slight_smile: I just love having all those cool toys, and the skills were done well I felt.

  7. Changeling LARP. There are a lot of people who don’t seem to like the upbeat nature of this game, but I love it. It’s nice to be playing with other people for once, instead of everyone either out to get each other or everyone ELSE out to get ‘us’. And it makes a good game to play over email too, for when you can’t get together more than once a month.

  8. M:tG. I played this for years. I gave my cards to my brother rather than sell them (despite the HUGE price tag on them), and he was thrilled as he’d gotten as addicted as I had been.

  9. The Unreal Level editor. Ok, maybe not a game to most folks, but WHOO this thing could do anything! The unfortunate parts were that it didn’t come with a manual of any kind (so those of us who didn’t have prior programming/etc experience were screwed), and they never came out with the full commercial version (if they had I’d not be here right now, I’d be too busy >:) ).

  10. Anything with the Infocom name on it. I swear, this was a thing for me back then - I’d buy it if their name was on it, didn’t matter what I’d heard about it. laugh Or I’d get it from a friend. Um… you didn’t hear that from me though. grin