SDMB Gender Reassignment Thread

Last week I found out that **NurseCarmen ** is a man. I have just found that that **clairobscur ** is a man too! I had a mental picture of a sophisticated Parisian lady. Was I wrong!

It happens often that I found a doper is of a different gender than that suggested by the screen name. Am I the only one to whom this happen? Specially since I’ve reading clairobscur’s posts for a long time and I never noticed.

To make matters clear I am a girl. TVM. :slight_smile:

EddyTeddyFreddy is female.

WHAT! :smack:
I’ll be back under my rock.

I’m not a talking dog of the future with a speech impediment. I’m a strong, beautiful, black man…well not really, but I’m defintely not a talking dog.
…or am I?!

Guess what I am!

I’ve had at least three people over the years assume I was female. I can’t imagine why anyone would think “Biffy” is a female name. I think once the confusion came about because I made a passing mention of “Mrs. Biffy,” meaning my then-wife, and the way it came out could have been interpreted as me referring to myself in the third person.

Many have mistakenly thought me to be female.

I thought clairobscur was female, too.
Sorry, dude.

And you’re not?! :eek:
Would females please stand on this side and males stand on that side so we can tell you apart?

So did I. :frowning: I suppose perhaps it is because the name is reminiscent of the female name “Claire”.

Based on your screen name? You are creepy.


I’ve received more than my share of “oh, you’re not a girl!” posts.

Must by the Brandi Chastain thing. There’s an entire family with that last name, y’know. :wink:

Remember, no one knows you’re a cat on the internet.
For the record, I am not a cat.

I’d be honored if you used your 1000th post to insult me.

Most people assume I am male but I am really a one-legged crack whore. Put two and two together people! Shag=Screw Nasty=Anything Goes.

Shagnasty - The whore whose business card reads “Your way, right away”. Burger King copied me after I serviced their CEO and he kept me card.

It’s quite possible the ‘shrew’ part has to do with it. In my head I don’t think ‘small insectivorous mammal’ I think ‘Katerina Minola’. Nothing else really registers of it.

Of course that’s just me.


A fine necro romance with no kisses…
A fine necro romance with no coffins…
You never went and learned how to dance,
I never stood a chance,
what a fine necro romance…


Oh, and I’d guess straight male… early 20s, perhaps late teens, with a touch of black humor and a disaffected nature.

Probably because “Biffy” is close to “Buffy” and like Flutterby said, they’re (okay, me) thinking “shrew = nagging, bitchy woman” rather than “shrew = little furry creature.” Now I know.

I’m one of those who called Chastain86 a girl by mistake. :smack:
Sorry 'bout that.

I’ve been called a guy a few times, but most people get it right. I’m female.
And I’m defintely not a cat.

Really? Note to self: “clairobscur est un homme.” I knew about ETF. I did not know about Chastain86. Those are the only two in this thread I didn’t know, so far.

Do me next! Guess!