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So, all this time, I’ve been thinking that “Blank” (who AFAIK still wishes to remain unidentifiable) was a man. Laughed my ass off when I found out otherwise.

Are there any others who still have not been able to determine gender in some posters? Any who’ve purposely avoided gender-based references to themselves? Any guesses about the androginous posters? (I’m not sure we should count TomnDebb…) :slight_smile:

–I think Manhattan is a man.

–Even though my head knows that Shadowfox is a woman, it still confuses me when she mentions her husband.

–Jodih, Jophiel, aseymayo: men?

–Guadere: woman?

Chris is a unisexual name, but I presume I’ve posted enough references to my husband and other “girl” stuff that it’s clear I’m female, right?

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No offense to jodih (if she’s still around), but I always that she was a man. Don’t know why.


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I always thought that everyone that had an animal in their name was a girl, until I found out that SqrlCub was a guy.

I gotta admit, I thought White Wolf was a guy at first. :frowning:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Nope, I enjoy being a girl (or woman - the older I get, the less I resent being called a girl. What I really hate is “ma’am”).

Auraseer is a man, though.

Wait till you meet Sly and Slythe.

And I am.

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That’s because I stole the Shadowfox SN from my husband! He was the one that came up with it. In fact, he still uses it for his E-mail and for a couple of online games. On the old AOL SDMB, I went by the name of “Psyche”, but I got tired of people e-mailing me, asking if I was a psychiatrist or a psychic, so I wanted to change it. I already had the name “Shadowfox” registered to my AOL account for my hubby to use, but he hated AOL and told me that I could use it if I wanted to. Hence, I became “Shadowfox”.

BTW, I was thinking of changing it to something else again. My hubby is starting to get e-mails from people saying “aren’t you on the Straight Dope message board?”

Any ideas?
Shadowfox (until my name change)

I saw a couple of threads where neuro-trash grrl was talking about a girlfriend and attractive women and I got confused. Why would a guy use the name neuro trash GRRL?
I’d been thinking about a while and feel bad that I didn’t think of this yet–

I still don’t have any facts, but I just realized that it’s entirely possible that she is a ‘grrl’ who likes other girls. It comes of growing up in the Midwest, I suppose.

But like I said, I don’t have any idea if it’s a he or a she, or what whichever’s sexual preference is. I hope I didn’t offend him/her.

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Yep, I’m a girl who likes other girls. Sorry for the confusion, I mentioned that in a couple of threads, I guess you missed them. Oh, well.

aseymayo - I’ve wanted to ask - why do you use a male name? (Wonderful stories BTW)

Shadowfox: Shadowvixen would probably be too simple… :slight_smile:

Last time I checked I was a man. Yep. Still am. Although, I’ve been told so many times to go f*** myself, I was beginning to think I was a hermaphrodite.

I always figured slythe for a he, but the way he and C#3 flirt all the time …

Someone, and I forget who, wished me and my wife good luck on our next baby. I guess the name Shirley was a popular name for guys at his/her school.

Sassy - no real reason, I like the stories, too, and the name. My sister is Archie Goodwin.

Good guess, Chris–yep, I’m female. I am occasionally called “he”, though. I rather like the androgyny; you can talk about “male” and “female” subjects without having your opinion discounted “you’re a man/woman, you can’t understand”.

I though Polycarp was female for about a week; I guess I subconsciously associated “Poly” with “Polly”, a girl’s name. I usually assume people are male until they post something that leads me to believe otherwise, unless they have a clearly female name.

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Gaudere said:

And here I thought you were second declension present passive.


Make that, present infinitive.

Hmmm. Are there declensions for verbs? Are there past infinitives? Hmmm.

As aseymayo correctly noted, I’m male. But people keep assuming I’m female, and I can’t figure out why. Is it my writing style? My username? What?

It’s the username. “Aura” just conjures up images of crystal-gazing earth-goddess types. I thought you were female at first, too, but I never made the mistake of referring to you as such.

omniscientnot and Johnny–very cute. :smiley: I like being a verb.

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