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I picked the Google setting “anyone can view” but it sounds like Google wants a login? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Now let’s see if the Flickr setting “anyone can view” is different…

Can’t download from Flickr. Can view but can’t save to my computer. Could you start emailing the adjudicated orders and maps to the players in addition to posting them here so we don’t have to track down links?

Sure. Email sent. :slight_smile:

Winter 1995 Build Orders
Build A Kiev
Build A Odessa

Build A Moscow

Build F Izmir
Build A Istanbul
Build A Ankara
Build A Adana

Build F Cairo
Build F Alexandria

Build A Gdansk
Build A Warsaw

Build F Edinburgh
Build A Liverpool
Build F London

Build A Milan
Build A Venice
Build F Naples

Build A Bordeaux
Build F Marseilles
Build A Lyon

Build A Madrid

Map on Flickr

Map on Google Docs

Yay! We’ve got a new German player taking over. Next turn is due Thursday, May 26th.

Spring 1996
Fighting spreads through the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Iberia!

Image of Spring 1996 Results

Results for Spring, 1996 (Movement)
Order Results:
Britain: F Belgium -> Holland
Britain: F Edinburgh -> North Sea
Britain: F Ireland -> Irish Sea
Britain: A Liverpool -> Wales
Britain: F London -> English Channel
Britain: F Morocco -> Algeria
Britain: F Norway -> Skaggerak

Egypt: F Alexandria -> Libyan Sea FAIL because Egypt: F lbn -> ion failed.
Egypt: F Cairo -> Red Sea
Egypt: F Israel -> Eastern Mediterranean
Egypt: A Libya -> Tunisia FAIL Bounced with tun (1 against 1).
Egypt: F Libyan Sea -> Ionian Sea FAIL Bounced with ion (2 against 2).

France: A Barcelona Supports A Bordeaux -> Navarre
France: A Bordeaux -> Navarre
France: A Lyon -> Auvergne FAIL Bounced with gol (1 against 1).
France: F Marseilles -> Gulf of Lyon FAIL because Spain: F gol -> auv failed.
France: A Monaco -> Marseilles FAIL because France: F mar -> gol failed.
France: F Navarre -> Mid-Atlantic
France: A Switzerland Holds

Germany: F Berlin -> Hamburg
Germany: F Bornholm Sea -> Denmark
Germany: A Frankfurt -> Ruhr
Germany: A Munich Holds

Italy: A Croatia -> Bosnia
Italy: A Hungary Supports A Venice -> Croatia FAIL Support cut by Move from Rumania.
Italy: F Ionian Sea Supports F Israel -> Eastern Mediterranean FAIL Support cut by Move from Libyan Sea.
Italy: A Milan Holds
Italy: F Naples Supports F Ionian Sea
Italy: F Tunisia Supports F Morocco -> Algeria FAIL Support cut by Move from Libya.
Italy: A Venice -> Croatia FAIL Bounced with ser (1 against 1).

Poland: A Czech Republic -> Austria
Poland: A Gdansk -> Lithuania
Poland: A Krakow Supports A Warsaw -> Belorussia
Poland: F Lithuania -> Latvia
Poland: A Warsaw -> Belorussia

Russia: F Baltic Sea -> Sweden
Russia: A Belorussia Supports A Krakow -> Podolia FAIL Support failed. Supported unit’s order does not match support given. Dislodged from war (3 against 1).
Russia: F Eastern Black Sea -> Western Black Sea
Russia: A Moscow -> Central Russian Plateau
Russia: A Sweden -> Lapland
Russia: A Volga Supports A Moscow -> Central Russian Plateau

Spain: A Gibraltar -> Andalucia
Spain: F Gulf of Lyon -> Auvergne FAIL Bounced with lyo (1 against 1).
Spain: A Madrid Supports A Gibraltar -> Andalucia
Spain: A Portugal -> Navarre FAIL Bounced with Nav (1 against 1)

Turkey: A Adana -> Armenia
Turkey: A Ankara Supports F Georgia
Turkey: F Georgia Supports A Rostov
Turkey: F Greece Supports F Libyan Sea -> Ionian Sea
Turkey: A Iran -> Kazakhstan
Turkey: A Istanbul -> Bulgaria
Turkey: F Izmir -> Aegean Sea
Turkey: A Serbia -> Croatia FAIL Bounced with ven (1 against 1).

No order for unit at Kharkov. Hold order assigned.
No order for unit at Sevastopol. Hold order assigned.

Ukraine: A Kharkov Holds
Ukraine: A Kiev Supports A Warsaw -> Belorussia
Ukraine: A Odessa -> Podolia
Ukraine: A Rostov Holds
Ukraine: A Rumania -> Hungary FAIL Bounced with hun (1 against 1).
Ukraine: F Sevastopol Holds

Interesting fighting going on between France & Spain and Russia vs. Ukraine/Poland. Now that Germany’s asserting itself, central Europe should also become really complicated really quickly!

Surely I have the option to retreat to Moscow - for all the good that will do me?

Never mind - just seen your request in the other thread.

Germany and Poland made pretty big moves this turn (especially Poland). France is setting up the death choke against Spain, won’t be long now. Italy is surprisingly strong vs. me and Egypt, and it looks like England is coming to help. Russian sailors in the black sea are soon to be unemployed.

The wars seem too close to call, except in the case of Spain and maybe Russia. If either of them don’t get help soon, they’re cooked I think.

True - Spain is in poor shape, with the French moving in strongly and while Russia is fighting both Ukraine and Poland, Russia has room to defend herself while Spain’s back is up against the wall. It should be interesting to see how Turkey’s army plays into the far eastern Europe conflict.
By the way, in case anyone missed it in the other thread, Russia retreated to Moscow, updated map here: map image.

Wow - fighting all over the place. Fat lady not even close to singing.

Results Map on Flickr

Britain: F Algeria Supports F Tunisia FAIL Support failed. Move orders must be supported explicitly.
Britain: F English Channel Convoys A Wales -> Belgium
Britain: F Holland Supports A Wales -> Belgium FAIL Support cut by Move from Hamburg.
Dislodged from ham (2 against 1).
Britain: F Irish Sea -> Mid-Atlantic Ocean FAIL Bounced with mid (1 against 1).
Britain: F North Sea Supports F Holland FAIL Support cut by Move from Denmark.
Britain: F Skaggerak Supports F Sweden -> Denmark
Britain: A Wales -> Belgium Convoy path taken: wal→eng→bel.

Egypt: F Alexandria -> Eastern Sahara
Egypt: F Eastern Mediterranean -> Ionian Sea
Egypt: A Libya -> Tunisia FAIL Bounced with tun (1 against 1).
Egypt: F Libyan Sea Supports F Eastern Mediterranean -> Ionian Sea
Egypt: F Red Sea -> Saudi Arabia

France: A Barcelona -> Madrid
France: A Lyon Supports A Switzerland
France: F Marseilles -> Gulf of Lyon
France: F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports A Navarre -> Portugal FAIL Support cut by Move from Irish Sea.
France: A Monaco -> Marseilles
France: A Navarre -> Portugal FAIL Bounced with por (1 against 1).
Dislodged from mad (2 against 1).
France: A Switzerland Supports A Venice -> Austria FAIL Support failed. Supported unit’s order does not match support given.

Germany: F Denmark -> North Sea FAIL Bounced with nth (1 against 1).
Dislodged from swe (2 against 1).
Germany: F Hamburg -> Holland
Germany: A Munich Holds
Germany: A Ruhr Supports F Hamburg -> Holland

Italy: A Bosnia -> Serbia FAIL Bounced with ser (1 against 2).
Italy: A Hungary Supports A Bosnia -> Serbia FAIL Support cut by Move from Podolia.
Dislodged from pod (2 against 1).
Italy: F Ionian Sea -> Albania
Italy: A Milan -> Switzerland FAIL Bounced with swi (2 against 2).
Italy: F Naples -> Maltese Sea
Italy: F Tunisia -> Libya FAIL Bounced with lib (1 against 1).
Italy: A Venice -> Croatia

Poland: A Austria Supports A Milan -> Switzerland
Poland: A Belorussia -> Moscow FAIL Bounced with mos (1 against 1).
Poland: A Krakow -> Belorussia FAIL Bounced with mos (1 against 1).
Poland: F Latvia -> Estonia
Poland: A Lithuania -> Latvia

Russia: A Central Russian Plateau Supports A Volga -> Kharkov FAIL Support cut by Move from Kiev.
Russia: A Lapland -> Murmansk
Russia: A Moscow -> Belorussia FAIL Bounced with kra (1 against 1).
Russia: F Sweden -> Denmark
Russia: A Volga -> Kharkov FAIL Bounced with kha (1 against 1).
Dislodged from ros (2 against 1).
Russia: F Western Black Sea Supports A Rumania -> Odessa FAIL Support failed. Supported unit’s order does not match support given.

Spain: A Andalucia Supports F Gulf of Lyon -> Barcelona
Spain: F Gulf of Lyon -> Barcelona
Spain: A Madrid -> Navarre
Spain: A Portugal Supports A Madrid -> Navarre

Turkey: F Aegean Sea -> Istanbul FAIL Bounced with ank (1 against 1).
Turkey: A Ankara -> Istanbul FAIL Bounced with aeg (1 against 1).
Turkey: A Armenia -> Ankara FAIL Failed because Turkey: A ank -> ist failed.
Turkey: A Bulgaria Supports A Serbia
Turkey: F Georgia Holds
Turkey: F Greece Supports F Eastern Mediterranean -> Ionian Sea
Turkey: A Kazakhstan Supports A Rostov -> Volga
Turkey: A Serbia Supports A Podolia -> Hungary FAIL Support cut by Move from Bosnia.

Ukraine: A Kharkov Supports A Kiev -> Central Russian Plateau FAIL Support cut by Move from Volga.
Ukraine: A Kiev -> Central Russian Plateau FAIL Bounced with cen (1 against 1).
Ukraine: A Podolia -> Hungary
Ukraine: A Rostov -> Volga
Ukraine: A Rumania Supports A Podolia -> Hungary
Ukraine: F Sevastopol -> Odessa

Poland and Turkey have become quite the powerhouses. It’ll be interesting to watch how the French incursion into Spain turns out too.

Spain and France is a lot less one-sided than I thought it would be. Russia is also doing pretty well for himself with a surprise English support. Italy is showing signs of stress, with a disband coming up. Turkey trying and apparently failing to stay under the radar (literally 0 of my units moved last turn). The wars are still too close to call, but I’ll stick with my original prediction that spain and russia have the most to worry about in the near future. Germany’s early failure probably paved the way for poland to expand, but now it looks like they have common interests. Very tricky political situation there, and with a germany with competent leadership, the political game in europe can change quickly.

So Poland’s growing because Germany is screwed up in the first year, but Turkey is growing from force of will alone huh?

That’s not what I said. Poland is clearly a more than competent player, and has been able to keep his war very contained while capitalizing on German ineptitude. In fact, I believe you were the first to realize that Germany wasn’t playing the same game as the rest of us, way back before the first turn. In contrast, Turkey made some risky, lucky early moves that just haven’t come back to haunt me (yet).

I’m sorry for giving the impression that I have anything but great respect for your game so far.

I wasn’t offended, just pointing out bias in your play-by-play. It could be your complacent ‘luck’ is due more to neighborhood collusion rather than your particular strategic manoeuvres.

Both those countries also benefit from Russia’s beleaguered defensive position. It’s also fascinating to see how the powers have interacted in the central western European supply centers of Austria, Switzerland. No doubt the outcome would have been different had Germany come out of the gate with a more impressive start, but there’s some complicated diplomacy going on behind the scenes there, I’m sure.

Anyone who isn’t in collusion with at least some of their neighbors at this point will have very difficult times ahead.

Yup. I just wanted to point out that your self-satisfied commentary didn’t include, “Because Egypt and Ukraine, the majority of my front, has not in anyway threatened me I was able to not only maintain my gains but move forward.”