SDMB Modern Diplomacy Game *anyone - comment away*

European war imminent - clashes reported in Spain and France, fleets and armies across the continent mobilized!

Map showing the moves:

Map showing results:

F Edinburgh -> Norwegian Sea
F Gibraltar -> South Atlantic Ocean
F Liverpool -> Irish Sea
F London -> North Sea

F Alexandria -> Libyan Sea
A Aswan -> Eastern Sahara
F Cairo -> Israel

F Bordeaux -> Navarre FAIL Bounced with Madrid (1 against 1).
A Lyon -> Alsace FAIL Bounced with Munich (1 against 1).
A Marseilles Holds
A Paris -> Auvergne

No order for unit at Hamburg. Hold order assigned.

F Berlin -> Denmark FAIL
A Frankfurt -> Bordeaux FAIL
F Hamburg NMR
A Munich -> Alsace FAIL Bounced with Lyon (1 against 1).

A Milan -> Austria
F Naples -> Maltese Sea
A Rome -> Venice
F Venice -> Adriatic Sea

F Gdansk -> Lithuania
A Krakow -> Czech Republic
A Warsaw -> Krakow

A Gorky -> Volga
A Moscow -> Belorussia
A Murmansk -> Lapland
F Rostov -> Eastern Black Sea
F St Petersburg -> Gulf of Bothnia

F Barcelona Holds
A Madrid -> Navarre FAIL Bounced with Bordeaux (1 against 1).
A Seville -> Gibraltar

A Adana -> Armenia
F Ankara -> Georgia
A Istanbul -> Bulgaria
F Izmir -> Istanbul

A Kharkov -> Donbas
A Kiev Supports A Moscow -> Belorussia
A Odessa -> Rumania
F Sevastopol Holds

and the rush for the nearest open SPs begins

Aren’t those the same images?

Germany is in a bit of a pickle…

More of a quagmire really…

Correct - they were the same image.

New Results image:

Oh man, Germany really porked the pooch there. I know we have newbs in this game, which is fine (and if anyone wants to PM me/post here about tactics-in general-I am willing to educate), but oh dear lord, to try to teleport 4 spaces across the map in one turn…

I found a .pdf of the official rules, for those who are still a bit foggy on them.

Germany might not be completely screwed. He’s got negotiation possibilities over Switzerland and Austria. But going NMR for F Hamburg – WTF?

I ordered my Army in Marseille to “Monte Carlo,” not “Monaco.” Good thing Italy went northeast.

Hold orders are cleaner but quite a few people I’ve played with before just don’t put in moves for holding units.

It’s hard to tell if moves far away are pro- or anti- any given country.

Diplomacy needs to introduce paratroopers in addition to fleets and armies. Would add a whole new dimension to the game…

The person playing as Germany SUCKS! :wink:

Fighting reported across Europe from Spain to the Caucasus, neutral territory falls under the sway of the great powers.

Map of Moves:

Map of Results:
Supply centers were gained. Units that may be build: 3
F Irish Sea - Ireland
F North Sea - Belgium
F Norwegian Sea - Norway
F South Atlantic Ocean - Morocco

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
A Eastern Sahara - Libya
F Israel Holds
F Libyan Sea supports A Eastern Sahara - Libya

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 3.
A Auvergne - Barcelona
F Bordeaux - Navarre
A Lyon - Switzerland
A Marseilles - Monaco

F Berlin - Saxony FAIL
A Frankfurt - Saxony FAIL (Bounced with Munich)
F Hamburg - Bornholm Sea
A Munich - Saxony FAIL (Bounced with Frankfurt)

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 3.
F Adriatic Sea - Ionian Sea
A Austria - Hungary
F Maltese Sea - Tunisia
A Venice - Croatia

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
A Czech Republic Holds
A Krakow - Belorussia FAIL (Bounced with Belorussia)
F Lithuania Holds

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.
A Belorussia supports A Krakow - Podolia FAIL (Does not match order given)
F Eastern Black Sea supports A Volga - Rostov FAIL (Support cut by Move from Sevastopol)
F Gulf of Bothnia - Baltic Sea
A Lapland - Sweden
A Volga - Rostov FAIL (Bounced with Donbas)

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.
F Barcelona - Gulf of Lyon
A Gibraltar - Texas (Hold order assigned)
A Madrid - Portugal

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 4
A Armenia - Iran
A Bulgaria - Serbia
F Georgia supports A Donbas - Rostov
F Istanbul - Greece

Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.
No order for unit at Rumania. Hold order assigned.
A Donbas - Rostov
A Kiev - Kharkov
A Rumania Holds
F Sevastopol - Eastern Black Sea FAIL (Bounced with Eastern Black Sea)

Really interesting to see how the east is turning out. Betrayals already - with quite a bit of forethought to them.

Germany had a triple self-bounce into Saxony? Talk about uber fail.

For my two Eurocents, I’d talk up an alliance to put Germany out of our misery.

Turkey has set itself up to be a major player in the east – this should lead into more exciting play than in standard Diplomacy.

I’ll comment further when I have a chance to review the map.

Is anyone else having trouble loading the results page?

It asks me to log in, but I’m not sure which “login” it wants (Youtube, Yahoo, or something else?)-in any event since it shot down my login info, I can’t see the maps. I can see the ones from last week tho just fine… :confused:

Even stranger-looks like I did register for Google itself awhile back-when I went to reset my password (which wasn’t working), the security question it asked me was in French (and given my password I know what I would have asked myself). :confused:

Just in case of difficulties, I’ll start keeping them in Flickr instead of Google Docs.

Moves Map for Fall 1995 here:

Results Map for Fall 1995 here: