SDMB (not) Jeopardy - A Game

It’s time once again for a rousing round of SDMB (not) Jeopardy, this week not brought to you by the fine folks at Procter & Gamble.

Alex is unavailable at the moment, some sort of moustache emergency if I’m not mistaken, but here we go.

You know the rules. I supply an answer, you supply the question AND the next answer.

No points awarded for accuracy (if I wanted facts, I’d post in GQ).

Heaping amount of points for frivolous and witty responses.

Up First:

Elephant Parts

What does Spoofe wish for more than anything in the world?

Cheezy Doodles

What is the artistic result of combining a three-year-old and Cheetos?
The Twelth of Never

What does an elephant do while combing his hair?

What comes after the Eleveth of Never?

Bananarama, a jar of mayonaise, and a Lazy-Boy

What three things comprise Maeglin’s ideal weekend?

(We all know that scholarly schtick is just an act.)


What is “Just the way your mother likes it, Trebek”

I love those SNL skits! :slight_smile:

Pest, Buda, and Obuda.

What are the names of The New Three Stooges?
Stretch it till it’s half as thick.

originally quoted by FairyChatMom

What’s the best way to clean that year old gunk behind the fridge?

Endangered species

What do you call the poop of the panda, the bald eagle, and the Siberian tiger?

Awww, damn, I thought it was endangered FECES… never mind…

Cottonballs, mothballs, and Ovaltine

What are three things made of balls?
Shiv boom baa

What are the three essential ingredients for a wicked hangover remedy? (take note, all you ChiDopers)

Feeding Sara Lee cheesecake to camels and monkeys while playing the guitar.

What is the sound a mugged sheep makes?

Matzoh Ball Soup

What is ** moronmountain’s** favorite ball-band?

**paper peanut daughter[/b

What is an example of careless VBcoding?

Stench of Ages

What’s in Grandma’s knickers.

Any Microsoft OS

What is a tragedy?

Two empty beer bottles, a package of firecrackers, and a jar of peanut butter.

How much fun can Guy Fawkes Day be when the dogs’ mouth is all gummed up?

A cup of coffee, a small pitcher of water and a renaissance painting.

What will wake you up, quench your thirst, and feed your imagination?


A cellular phone and duct tape

What do you need to make a cheap ‘hands free kit’?

Small animal parts and a lazy susan.