SDMB Server Maintainence: Tuesday, March 17th @ 1:00 AM CDT

FYI: SDMB server maintenance scheduled for Tuesday, March 17th at 1:00 AM CDT. Announcement here.

nooooooo! what will I do at work?

I suppose I could do some server maintenance…

Good plan, I suppose. Is this work also likely to improve board performance in general? Like, are you doing a total re-index or anything of the sort, like you did a year or so ago?

I’ve been seeing the board get slower and slower over the last few months, and login failures are beginning to get more frequent as well. I think others have mentioned these things lately as well. These problems were getting bad a year or so ago, and the major maintenance you did then seemed to clean things up reasonably well for a long time. Maybe it’s time for another overhaul like that.

While you have your fingers in the SDMB server, re-install the older emoticons too.

Jerry’s gonna lube the hamsters?

Fortunately, that coincides almost perfectly with the office St Patrick’s Day gathering at a nearby Mexican restaurant. (Don’t ask)

There are some phrases which evoke mental imagery no human being should have to endure.

That’s #1 on the list.

So, it’s all an elaborate cover story while they go looking for the pot o’gold. Or hide the pot o’gold. O’r both.

When life hands you leprechauns, make burritos.

I’ve been noticing a lot of annoying slow page loads, especially when I try to post, so if this fixes that I will be grateful.

This. It’s getting bad enough at times, that this board is becoming nigh unusable. I have indeed given up and abandoned some posts that never seemed to load when I tried to post them.

I’ve been getting a lot of “Internal Server Error” messages.

Is anyone planning on giving our esteemed Admin here at the SDMB a hard time around 1 am CST?
I, for one, will kick in a few home-brews for his efforts.

If all fails, we can have a party to kick his ass.

Been there, done that. Server updates are scary, sometimes the magic smoke just kind of disappears somewhere into the ether. :smiley:
Hopefully, we can all party in about 3 to 4 hours.

All I’ve noticed thus far is that every time I visit the page, I’ve got to remember my bloody username and password! Now I’m familiar with my username, but I had to dig into the deep recesses of my personal memory archive to remember the password.

Oh, and the ADS are just feral. How on earth do the ‘guests’ put up with them?? :mad:

By clicking on them?
I will gladly pay for membership here and have a semi-coherent conversation with myself rather than to have to look at another Toyota advertisement again in my life.

  1. works every time

Ahem. (coughs lightly) Can you shut this board down for a little bit? I need to get some sleep.

Carlos O’Kelly’s?

It clearly passed off seamlessly, so thank you, Jerry.

Did you find any of Hillary’s emails?

Sean Diego’s.