SDMB Unreal Tournament Tournament (PC Gaming thread)

Over in the Pit there is a lengthy thread discussing the merits (or lack of merits) of Unreal Tournament vs. Quake III.

On the whole it seems as if Unreal Tournament came out as the winner among dopers when compared to Quake III. In the end it matters little because both games are fun.

That said some suggested that Dopers fragging each other online someday might be fun. It could even provide a place to escalate things if you’re not getting any satisfaction in the Pit (sort of an online high noon).

Anyway, this thread is here to see if any Dopers would be interested in some online gaming sometime. If enough respond we can work towards organizing such a thing.

Also, although Unreal Tournament/Quake III started this whole idea there is no reason we need to be limited to those games. Tribes 2 is coming out soon, people could adventure in Baldur’s Gate, Diablo II, play chess, etc. etc…

Any takers?

DAMMIT!!! I need to get my home internet connection back up. Once I do, I’m up for EVERYTHING you mentioned, and more :wink:

I’ll join in for a big ol’ Q3 match. My favorite format is straight out deathmatch, around 8 players. I’ll also do team deathmatch, but that’s about as cooperative as I get. And don’t expect me to follow orders.

I may even be able to provide a server, but syncing everything up will be tricky. I’m on a cable modem, so I’ve a little bit of bandwidth to spare.

I’d be up for it, but I think the lag I’d get from playing from Europe would put me at too much of a disadvantage to make it much fun. I read some of the UT/Q3 thread in the pit, if I had my way, I’d combine the best of both games. I’d take the Q3 levels and bot graphics, the UT bot AI and secondary fire features, the Q3 medals, and the UT stats. I nearly pissed myself with glee when I got my first MONSTER KILL!!!

Ooooh… we’ve got our cable modem appointment set for April 6th… after that, I’ll be able to get online and kick ALL your asses, in Quake 3 OR Unreal Tournament.

That’s what you think, SPOOFE. You’ll be sitting in your base, oblivious to the fact that I’m directly above you with a big ol’ Flak Cannon and an itchy trigger finger.

I’m up for a UT tourney, but it’s the only real good FPS I have. I get about 100-200 ping on most public servers.

Who’s hostin’?

Where and when?

:pounds on door:


I’m a little rusty on Team Fortress Classic, but I’m still decent. Once we get cable, I’ll be up for playing some Unreal Tournament (And Tribes 2 once I dish out the money for it).

I’m up for HL, Counter-strike, UT, Q3, TFC. Basically anything that involves bloodshed of a virtual nature :).

I’m there for UT (and maybe Deus Ex multiplayer, too!) as soon as I get a fast connection. (Faster computer would help, and that G4 miiiight just be on the way soon… I hope… :crosses fingers, arms, legs, toes, eyes:)

What makes you think I’ll be sitting still in the first place… except to pop you in the head with my Sniper Rifle?

Now, if you said you’d wax me with the jackhammer then I’d be impressed! You better have a mighty low ping if you expect to hit me with that sniper rifle.

It looks as if there is a fair amount of interest. Given that many people are waiting on their cable connections or new G4 how about setting a frag date for Saturday, April 7, at 3 p.m. central time (till whenever)?

Also, anyone check out Microsoft Gamevoice yet? It’s a worthwhile utility for multiplayer gaming. It’s also free unless you want the gamevoice controller, headset and mic sold by Microsoft (then it’s $50 or so). Anyway, those of you with the appropriate hardware should gove it a look. Doubleclick posted a link in the Pit thread that points to free software that avoids Microsofts 4 person limit on the free version.

Damn, I’m stuck on a 3000 year old dialup connection with an average of 26.4kb. :frowning: And no cable or dsl in sight…

Sounds tempting. I’m overdue on an OS format & reinstall, but I should have that done by then, so I’ll do my best to make it. Did we decide on UT or Q3 yet? Either way, I’m seriously rusty, so let me know SOON!
[sub]Oh, I’m so going to get owned…[/sub]

Count me in…

Mind you…I trust all of you and all, but we have to make sure the person(s) running the servers have the MOD that stops people from using AimBots. =)

Good call.

Also, if you don’t want to dish out the $$$ just right now, you can always Download ‘BattleCom’.

This is the software that GameVoise is based on.

The greatest thing about BattelCom is:
1.) There are NO limitations on how many people can join a chat session.
2.) (And Best of all) IT’S FREE!!!

Get it here:

I’m down! I’ll keep an eye on this thread for the details!

Also: what is and AIM bot?

If you don’t know, I shouldn’t be telling. :smiley:

It is an ‘add-on’ that aims for you.

IE: You have the Sniper Rifle and someone comes into range. The crosshair zero’s in on that person. If he/she is standing still…you get a head shot everytime.

I’ve tried them and I found that it was more of a pain in the ass than it was an advantage. (Most people don’t stand still =)

Ok…here is what we will be required for the SDUT:

1.) UT (Duh!)
2.) UTPatch 436. (For those of you who have Sound Blaster Live card, goto ( and get the Super-Duper EAX UT436 Patch.
3.) All Bonus Packs.

That’s about it. BUT!!

(There is always a but.)

It is obvious that we ALL can’t play on the same server. Some of use do not even have BroadBand FCOL! So we will need those you have the fastest PC’s and Cable/DSL to do some of the UT Server hosting for us. (Constact me if you don’t know how to do that. See below for my specs)

If some of you work in an IT department and can get a server at work to run over the weekend, so much the better. We could then set up a DEDICATED server. (Again, contact me if you need steps and sites on how to do this.)

BattleCom is the way to go for VoiceChat ( Just about anyone can host it. It is not a resource hog by anymeans. (Hey…I love GameVoice and own one myslef, but the Powers That Be at Microsoft screwed up again with their “shareware-version limitations”.)

That’s it.

PS: Dial Up players can play with us BB players with minimal slowdow. (So long as your UT and PC are tweaked up…goto: for tweak guides.)

See you all later…(In the scope of my sniper rifle no doubt. =)

My PC specs:
PII 233 (Oh Shut up…)
384 MB
Voodoo5 5500

(This way, he can see who is better suited for hosting the UT servers.)

I’m an intermediate level player that’s just starting to get back into FPS’s. I’ve got BB and a decent system and am ready to play just about any day of the week, with advance knowledge.