SDMB usability tricks you may or may not know

(Note to mods: This is intended for the general audience, not just mods/admins, but feel free to move this to ATMB if it’s still more appropriate there)

I spend way too much time here and thought I’d share a few usability tricks that make the board easier to use. Some are obvious, some may not be.

Please add your own!

[li]Subscriptions[/li]The Subscribed Threads feature is probably the single most useful and convenient thing that this forum software provides. If you set it up right, it shows you all the threads you’ve ever participated in and lets you jump right to the first unread post in a given thread (see #2).

You can either:
[li]Manually subscribe to threads on an individual basis (using the “Thread Tools” -> “Subscribe to this Thread” link near the top of every thread)[/li][li]Or make it so that any and every thread you participate in (i.e. create or reply to) is automatically added to your subscriptions (by going to “Quick Links” -> “Edit Options” -> “Default Thread Subscription Mode” and choosing anything other than “Do not subscribe”. The different options are for how often you’ll receive notifications in email; regardless of what you said, you’ll still be able to find all your threads on the Subscriptions page itself.[/li][/ul]
[li]Go to first unread post[/li]That little blue down-arrow button left of the thread titles will take you to where you left off reading a thread. It’s GREAT for getting back to where you were in that 5-page thread the day after.

It can be a little hard to see and click that thing, but you can make it bigger if you install the Stylish extension for Firefox and add this custom style.
[li]Ever wished you could open a whole bunch of threads at once? Sure, you can individually middle-click or CTRL-click on one after another, but what if you wanted to quickly open all 15 threads that’ve been updated since yesterday? Enter Snap Links, another FF extension: Draw a selection rectangle around them all and – shazzam! – each one opens in a new tab.[/li][/ol]
Combine all of the above and you get something like this. Kinda neat, no?
[li]And a free bonus item: Make those annoying old stickies disappear![/li]
If you have the Stylish extension mentioned above, use this custom style to hide those annoying stickies that’ve been there since the Jurassic and free up the upper half of your screen! So far I’ve added the existing ones from GQ to the Pit and I’ll try to keep the list updated as new stickies go up (but you will have a week or two to read them first). Compare the before and after… much cleaner, no?
So, your turn :smiley: