Do they get paid for the for the expenses they incur in doing certain experiments for unca Cecil ? Like alcoholic cupcake , car ACs ,… .

Nope. But for your first example, after a few iterations, maybe they don’t care anymore.


Sometimes it’s stuff you wouldn’t do for money.

I can never be paid enough to let a mosquito bite me again, thank you very much.

For the record, I was one of the people who vainly flexed and not only did the little bastards not explode, I got big itchy welts.

I never get in on the fun stuff, like eating cupcakes. Dang.

You got off easy.

And I got to drive around for several 30 minute runs, on a 93-degree day, with no AC with the windows rolled up:

No, didn’t get reimbursed, not for gas nor for heat stroke. I do it for love.