Sean Penn, Jim Carrey & Benicio Del Torro as the 3 Stooges?

From Variety


Russell Crowe should be in there somewhere…


Something’s wrong with getting Paul Ben-Victor, Evan Handler, and Michael Chiklis again?

I think you’re asking for trouble if you cast someone that’s been insistent on making strong political expressions into a comedic role. If I don’t like Sean Penn’s outspokenness I’ll still respect his dramatic work in Milk or Mystic River but I’m typically not inclined to find him funny. Alec Baldwin, for the same reasons, is why I’ve never seen 30 Rock. Carrey and even del Toro (never would have though of him but willing to give him a chance) I get but Penn may have done too much for some to view him in a mirthful light.

Is the cover date for this particular issue April 1st?

Jim Carrey as Curly? Drew Carey maybe.

Jim Carrey is a physical comedian, as was Curly. Drew, not so much.

I’m disappointed in Sean Penn, but I’m sure he has his reasons. Otherwise, the casting of this film is not an issue for me since you’d have to pay me to see it.

I hate to be the big jerk here, but wouldn’t Sean Penn be Moe???

That was my impression; someone jumped the gun on an April Fool’s joke?

Mel Gibson must be eating his heart out (the guy is a legendary 3 Stooges fan), and yeah, the made-for-TV movie had great casting.

This is going to be a greater misfire than Steve Martin doing Inspector Clouseau.

If this isn’t a joke, it is quite possibly the worst idea in the history of Hollywood. Is the film world really that desperate? I’d love someone from the film industry to explain why ANYONE would think re-doing the Three Stooges could possibly be a good idea.

You just let your own perceptions get in the way. That’s not his problem, that’s your problem. He was very sweet, funny and lighthearted in Milk, and you accepted that (assuming you saw it). He was hilarious in Sweet and Lowdown and We’re No Angels. His first (big) movie was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The man can do comedy.

It’ll be more interesting to see how Benicio Del Toro does comedy. I can only think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that’s even slightly comical. Well, he was in Big Top Pee-wee as “Duke the Dog-Faced Boy” but I haven’t seen that.

Since I loathe The Three Stooges, I can’t wait to see this. It has to be an improvement.

I think the casting is superb. (Except for del Toro, who I’m not familiar with, but he sure looks the part.) Penn and Carrey are both excellent actors with the right comedic sensibilities for their respective characters. Carrey doesn’t typically choose roles that show off his acting ability, but he was uncanny in Man in the Moon, another movie where he was channeling another comedian’s quirky persona. Penn is one of the best actors alive today and can do just the right hangdog look for Larry.

My only concern is with the concept. Do we need a remake of the Stooges? Absolutely not. I can’t see anything to be gained by having three actors pretending to be three other actors recreating the work they’ve already done. My hope is that this won’t be a remake or recreation of a Three Stooges movie, but a biopic about the Three Stooges. That could be brilliant and will put the comedy in the right dramatic context to really say something new, much like Man in the Moon or Chaplin.

That was the very straw I clutched at when I saw the headline. However, as the Variety article makes clear, this is not a biopic.

What next? The Marx Brothers? I shudder to think of the casting Hollywood might come up with for that.

Think of the poster, LB! See De Niro as Groucho, Brad Pitt as Chico, Christian Slater as Harpo! Now, who wouldn’t wanna go and see that?

Because redoing Laurel and Hardy worked so well.:rolleyes:

No, it’s really not. There’s no downside to me not being a particular fan of an actor, be it Penn or anyone else. My life won’t be negatively impacted if I give this one a pass. It is, however, a problem for the studio if they cast someone that’s alienated a subset of the paying audience.

I’m not interested in seeing it because I think Penn will suck on ice in this role. I seriously doubt I’m alone in that assessment.

Is this going to be an actual Three Stooges movie? or is it going to be a Biopic about the Three Stooges

Article says its going to be an actual Three Stooges movie.

I have never liked Three Stooges stuff, but unlike most people in this thread, I am going to assume a cautiously interested posture about this movie. (Not quite up to the level of “optimistic” but just “interested.”) It’s an interesting cast. And at least two of the three generally picks good scripts, AFAICR.

Of course there’s no downside to you. But it also matters not a whit to Penn or anyone else. What I meant was that it’s not Penn’s problem how you see him.

Well, that depends on if the subset is worth paying attention to. Most aren’t. If someone just doesn’t like Penn for general reasons or no real reason, well, them’s the breaks. Even the biggest and best movie stars have their detractors for vague “I just don’t like him/her” reasons. No studio is not going to cast a huge star based on the opinions of a few folks. If it’s a political opinion, based on the fact that someone loathes an actor’s politics, the opinion is worth even less. Much less. Next to nothing. Less than nothing. At best it’s laughable, risible and silly. At worst it’s just brain-damaged and stupid.

Well, I’m sure there are a few drooling freepers who would agree with you, but most everyone else would realize that Sean Penn is a two-time Best Actor Oscar winner, is considered one of our finest actors who can play several different types of roles, and whether they have any interest in this particular movie or not, would give him the benefit of the doubt as to being able to play a comedy character.

Obviously you’ve got the bar set in a far different position than I. Enjoy the show.