Search function doesn't seem to be working properly

So, I was thinking “Gee, didn’t I post in the 2020 Virtual convention thread?” But, when I open the thread (sorry, “topic”) and click on the magnifying glass, check the “Search this topic” box and put in my user name–“No results found”. So, I guess I must have posted in some other thread…

Except that when I scroll through the thread, sure enough, I did post to it, three times even, and someone replied to me and I replied to them and everything.

Assorted other keywords that have been posted in that thread are wildly hit or miss as well–“Pennsylvania” and “Longoria” and “Republicans” don’t show up either, though all those words have been posted in that thread.

OK, I logged out of the boards and back in, and the search function seems to be working much better now. Maybe some sort of caching thing on my end?

Search is broken for me as well. I also cannot view my notifications.