Search function

Good day:

I tried doing a search. It prompts me for my UID and password every time. I have not been on the boards for some months, does that matter? I did change my password per Tubadiva’s request.


I’m not sure what your question is, but you need to be logged in to do a search. (I believe.)

You’ve logged in to post this thread. Can you do a search now?

Yes I’m logged on. I had to do that in order to view my profile. I logged off, closed the window (using Opera), reopened SDMB and logged in. Tried the search and nada… :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

The Opera browser is not always compatible with our vB software. What version of Opera are you using?

your humble TubaDiva
who needs to download Opera and look at it herself.

Opera 5.12 identifying as Mozilla 4.72. Hmm…maybe try identifying as M$IE. brb

nope…it asks for my UID and pass whether Opera is identifying as M$IE 5 or as native Opera. Hadn’t had this problem before, but 5.12 is rather new.

I tried in M$IE 5.01 and had no problems accessing the search after I logged in.


TubaDiva, do that, try using Opera on your end. I have 5.12 w/ Java for Windoze.

Foreward, though, you might just end up using Opera fulltime! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for help!


in their free adware version.

Visit who has a program to exorcise such nonsense.


How well does Opera handle cookies? When you post multiple things, do you have to re-enter your username and password every time? If so, you don’t have cookies, and the Board can’t remember that you’ve already logged in.

Quite well, cookies are handled globally. I can have multiple windows open to SDMB and each main page shows I’m logged in.

I’m seing the same problem.