Searching for Artist and song

I’ve been trying for years to track down the artist and title of a song that I used to have but so far had no luck at all. Hopefully someone here will be able to help.

Song came out prior to 1991

The crowd I used to hang with was a mix of Goths, Punks and Metalheads (diverse group but it was a small town and we all basically grew up together), so it would fall somewhere within these genres, though from what I remember it was similar to groups like The Cult.

There was a music video release of the song as well.

I can recall some of the lyrics although it has been years since I last heard the song (15 years), so I hope that music lovers will forgive me if I get them a bit wrong.

Here goes:

The sun comes up over the … (? city of London)
I’m lying here in a room with a view …

Chorus : Because I’m out of my mind thinking only of you
I’m out of my mind thinking only of you
I’m out of my mind, what the hell should I do (Note : or else it was Tell me what should I do)
Now that I actually have to transcribe what I know of the song it is even more vague than the version that runs through my head. Not much to go on but if I knew anymore I might at least have had a hit on Google, but no such luck.

Hopefully someone out there can help and I can eventually get hold of the song so that I can at least try to hum it correctly

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samclem GQ moderator

Flesh For Lulu?

Is it “Helpline Operator” by The The?

The London part matches.

Note: To find this, I typed the following into Google:

sun comes up london “out of my mind” lyrics

The best way to search lyrics is only to put in exact phrases as they appear, plus any stray words you think are in the song. Even if asking here doesn’t help, this search method is tried and true, at least for trivia.

Another possibility is “London” by Queensryche.

Let’s Active had a song entitled “Room with a View.” Can’t remember how the lyrics went, though. You can find a snippet here.

And here’s a video clip of Let’s Active (different song, though) so you can see if the song you’re looking for was in this vein.

Found the song. Can’t believe I searched so long and couldn’t find it. I did an exact search dropping the distinctive LONDON from the search and came accross

Looking through the artists listed it I associated the name John which rang a bell. The song was Out of my mind by John Moore And The Expressways.

Really big fan of The Jesus and Mary Chain and he was an ex-drummer of theirs, so that was why I was into the song.

At last I can sleep at night.

Thanks for your help. Just needed some fresh perspective to get me focused on tracking the song down.

For anyone interested here is the youtube link to the vid