Searching for old posts

I know I’ve seen complaints on the difficulties involved in searching for oldies before. This is just my 2¢ on the subject.

I did a search for a very old thread on the subject of cursorial running, wanting to be sure I remembered correctly what a particular Doper had said at that time. Without being able to specify “one year ago” and “older than”, I wouldn’t have found it, because it was back in early 2004. And I have fewer than 700 posts.

Would it be possible to add at least one more parameter to the search? Like, maybe “three years ago” or something? That way it wouldn’t be putting a greater load on the hamsters (AFAIK), but would allow people to access much older stuff.

My personal preference, of course, would be an added param for each year, but I’m trying to be reasonable. :slight_smile:

We’ve been holding off on making modifications to anything expecting a system upgrade in the not too far off future (we’re several upgrades behind). Since modifications get wiped out in upgrades, it’s foolish to do it now.

I got a list I’m getting together. That sort of change is listed. We used to have a drop down menu where you could select from ranges of time periods to search excluding all others, that’s coming back.


PS I think I read the newest vB upgrade allows you to keep modifications in place after future upgrades, so this is the last time we play this game.