searching for old tv shows on vhs/dvd

I’ve been doing exhaustive searches for this already. I have searched google thouroughly and not come up with much. I have even looked on ebay! There has got to be a way for me to buy my favorite old shows, anyone know offhand a good resource?

Which specific programs do you have in mind?

Also check out, which shows the categories for television DVDs, one of which is “Classic TV”. Maybe some of your favourites are there.

Nah, that site has quite a few old shows, but not the ones I’m looking for. Specifically I’m looking for Laverne & Shirley and Perfect Strangers. While I’m aware that both shows are probably rerun all the time everywhere, they’re not where I live. They’re my two all time favorite tv shows, and some of the threads in here have put me on this nostalgia kick and now I crave them.

Try checking TV Shows on DVD.