Searching for vintage commercial

I’ve been scouring the web and you tube unsuccessfully for a vintage (early 1970’s) Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. It featured 2 old ladies singing:

"The 99 center. The 99 center. 2 pieces of chicken, roll, and coleslaw".

Any help is appreciated.

I remember the jingle pretty clearly, thought I don’t remember it being old ladies singing (but, heck, it’s nearly 40 years ago). If my memory is accurate (heh), I’d place it around 1974.

Old ads are pretty spotty to find online; personal VCRs were very uncommon until later in the 1970s. And, in this case, it might well have been an ad which only ran for a few weeks (or months, at the longest); fast-food promotional ads usually don’t run for very long.

Here are some KFC commercials on Don’t know if those are the ones you want, but is a fascinating resource.

ETA: the link isn’t as good as I hoped, sorry!