Sears Optical Commercial With Raccoon

I must say this is the first new commercial in years and years I actually liked.

Here it is

Basically you have a woman without glasses calliing in her cat for the night and instead she calls in a raccoon.

Anyone else like this?

Yeah, we thought it was hilarious–especially since I wear glasses and we have raccoons that eat our outdoor cat’s food if we don’t bring it in in time at night.

I hope they continue with more.

I can see the lady on the sofa knitting with her pet kitty er raccoon at her feet.

There’s a follow-up ad featuring a guy who pours a sack of “charcoal” into his BBQ grill, lights it, and suddenly notices a funny smell.

It turns out he poured a sack of dried dog food into the grill and lit on fire.

As for one featuring the raccoon mistaken for a cat, I can relate to it. My sister has a cat that’s almost as big as a raccoon with markings that would be hard to distinguish at night.

Yup, cracks me the hell up, so does the “sequel” commercial. I can’t help but think that a skunk would be funnier, but I chuckle every time I see it.

Proof that no idea is original

2005 public service announcement from The Vision Council (about :17 in)