Seattle Dopefest!

Let’s do it!

As Scotticher mentioned in another thread, silent_rob will be visiting, and we thought it’d be great to get together with other Seattle Dopers and wine and dine and talk and do something fun.

Also, I can’t think of a better way to officially welcome KKBattousai and me to the fine state of Washington. :smiley:

The date for this 'fest will be Friday, July 19, one day before the Vancouver 'Fest. We’re just getting to know the town, so we don’t have many suggestions for restaurants or entertainment venues. Can anyone make any recommendations?

It’d be great to meet you folks, especially after all of your help in my ‘moving to Seattle’ threads.

So… can you guys make it?

I’ll be there. But you already KNEW that, didn’t you?


I’m going. 'Course you already knew that too, didn’t you?

If you’re nice, I’ll even take you there myself. :wink:

I’d go, but depends on local and time.

(well actualy I have only gone to LAN parties so far in my life and I would really hate to break the trend, being able to die when I am 85 or so and say “I played Quake3/UT until I dropped, Literaly!” would be rather nifety)

And I will definitely be there. Dang…it’s gonna be a great trip. :smiley:

It’s getting so close, too. Like counting the days down to Christmas. :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump. C’mon, guys!

A friday dopefest! YAHOO!! One I can finally GO TO!!!


I was thinkin’ we could hit the Pacific Place area. We could walk around the mall, or head on over to Gameworks around the corner. A movie’s also possible, as July will be one of the best months for movies EVER: MiB 2, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Road to Perdition, Reign of Fire, K-19: The Widowmaker, and Eight Legged Freaks. :smiley:

The only thing is I don’t think there are many eating places around there. Can you guys suggest a restaurant? Left up to me, I’d say we should hit The Old Spaghetti Factory, so I can see how much it’s like the one back home. :slight_smile: But I’m totally open to anything.

Also, what time will you folks be available? We’re unemployed, and rob’s at our mercy, so we can be there any time. :smiley: We could, say, meet somewhere around 7:30 for dinner, and then around 10 or so make our way to the theaters/Gameworks. Pacfic Place (the mall side) closes at 9:30, so if you want to walk around we’ll have to wind up the meal sooner.

Howzat work for ya?

Anyone need a ride?

At your…mercy?


It all sounds good to me. I have never even heard of The Old Spaghetti Factory, but it sounds like a cool place (and I am one of the least picky eaters you’ll meet, so anything is good). I think I’ve been to a Gameworks, before, but I’m not exactly sure. That sounds like fun, too.

Oh man. I’m leaving MD on the 11th of July, driving a U-Haul to Redmond where we just got a new aparment. That gives me eight days to make it there. Yeah, I could probably hack it.

Can I put myself down as a “really really want to, but can’t totally commit in case my truck breaks down in the middle of North Dakota?”

Old Spaghetti Factory is cool - but it’s not exactly near Pacific Place. As for other recommendations, well, I live in Bremerton, so I wouldn’t be much of a help there (I only get over to Seattle about 6 times a year - although that HAS been improving lately).

Pacific Place has a pretty good brew pub in it (Gordon Biersch) and an okay (though not great) Tex-Mex place called Desert Fire. Both are on the top floor, right by the movie theater. Desert Fire has an outdoor patio, which is very cool but crowded. There’s also Il Fornaio on the first floor – kinda pricey noveau Italian.

And I am in Portland the weekend of the 19th, so I hate you all.

Happy impending 4k, Jodi! :slight_smile: Sorry you can’t make it-- it would have been cool to meet you.

Hope you can make it, Aguecheek! Nice to hear you’re finally on your way over here. [sub]And I can’t imagine what a drive from MD to Redmond is like.[/sub]

All the cool restaurants I know of aren’t in town (like my TOSF suggestion). I was curious about Il Fornaio-- we passed it many times during the SIFF-- but we either had a movie to go to or were too poor or had already eaten. And I’m not sure if the prices there are too high for us, especially since they’re untested (by us, at least). Never been to a Gordon Biersch, not even the one back home, so I’d be game.

My other suggestions were either TGIF or I Love Sushi down near Lake Union. The salmon teriyaki at ILS is amazing. I could have it for dinner every night for a week and not complain.

Did anyone do Whidbey Island last Saturday and/or is anyone going this Saturday? Or has that been shelved in favor of this?

Anyway, I’ll most likely be stuck on the Eastside until around 8 or so, but could meet up with people later.

Did anyone do Whidbey Island last Saturday and/or is anyone going this Saturday? Or has that been shelved in favor of this?

Anyway, I’ll most likely be stuck on the Eastside until around 8 or so, but could meet up with people later.

Anybody in Portland want to carpool with me?

amarinth, we are still on for the 29th, as far as I know. I hope you can make it?

Czarcasm, I hope so much that you can make it! Have you thought about the train? I am coming down early Friday to hang out with Audrey, KK and Rob, and I could pick you up at the train in the morning. I am also staying over and could run you to the train in the AM. Of course, I have NO idea what the train schedule is. I really have to check that out. On a totally unrelated issue… I saw your pic on Max Carnage’s People Page, and you are really a cutie pie! (And the guy with the beard isn’t bad, either.)

Ha ha, sucks to be you! :smiley:

See, I have the car - she has to leave me able to, you know, walk and talk and stuff. You, OTOH…



:looks over to doorway:

[sub]Um, I think I have to go now…[/sub]

I might be able to make it. Not only is that day my anniversay, but from July 3 through the morning of the 19th, we’ve got houseguests and/or a trip to Portland to get my sister married off. I might be too wiped to make it. But I’ll try.

Audrey and KK: You’re in Renton, right? I’m just up 405 from you, off exit 7. Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer of a ride, b/c I hate hate hate driving in downtown Seattle.

Sounds like it’s shaping up to be a very fun time. I’ll be very much looking forward to meeting anyone who can make it. :slight_smile:

Ah, I’m sure it won’t be that bad, KKB. Though, I have heard…

:hears a noise at the door:

Hmm…that’s odd, it’s awfully late for visitors. What the…??