Seattle SwampDope 2005 Wrap Up Thread

The SwampDope thread is four pages long, so I thought I’d start a separate wrap-up thread so that we can all go right to the comments. I’ve already posted there, but I’ll copy it here:

Flying a helicopter is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

So what I do it rent a helicopter, take off all of my clothes, and it’s the most fun I have… :smiley:

Have a great time! And LMK what your Sao Paulo contacts say.

The DopeFest was fun! That was only my second time in Pioneer Square. I’d been meaning to take the Underground tour for a long time, but never got round to it. I pulled my copyrighted ‘So, do you come here often’ on Ruth, the girl at the table outside of Doc Maynards. (I like saying that to women who obviously work at a place. Usually gets a laugh.) She said I looked exactly like ‘Todd’. Apparently she thought she knew me. Weird, eh?

I ate entirely too much dinner. Scotti and I found a pub and I had a Cobb salad there around 2:30 or 3:00, before going on the Underground tour. Didn’t finish it, it was so big. I grabbed some espresso at Tully’s too. I guess we had dinner about – what? Five hours later? After that big lunch, I was only a bit peckish. Nevertheless, I ate my entire Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Fettucine and a piece of bread. bloat I’d ordered a cup of clam chowder, but they forgot to bring it. I didn’t want to be charged for it and not get it, so I got my cup of soup. Absolutely didn’t need it; but I’m a sucker for clam chowder. (It was tasty, but I like the chowder at Stephanie’s here in Birch Bay better.) Did I say bloat? Now we’re approaching a dangerous overload! Can’t resist coffee! Hey, I have an idea! Let’s pour some liquid into an already-overloaded stomach!

So anyway, back at Doc Maynard’s. When Scotti introduced me, I heard ‘You’re Johnny L.A.?’ :eek: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. :smiley: Ah, well. In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor, ‘I yam what I yam. Agagagagagagaga!’ :wink:

I guess I crawled into my rack around 00:30. When I woke up, the clock said 06:14. Yikes! I may have to take a nap later. But first, a pot of coffee…

But what we all really want to know Johnny, is if you build a pirate ship out of french fries?

:o That was me that said that, and I certainly didn’t mean it to sound like something bad. I didn’t hear the intros the first time around. I was glad you came because I knew things were iffy because of your other commitments.

At any rate, we had a great time and I certainly didn’t Johnny L.A. building any pirate ships out of french fries. Come to think of it, we didn’t have fries, although there were some onion rings at Doc Maynards, maybe he could have done something creative with those…

:smack: :smack: :smack: Argh… preview is supposed to be my friend.

The sentence should have read: I certainly didn’t see **Johnny L.A. ** building any pirate ships out of french fries.

I didn’t see any fries. It wouldhave been hard for me to build anything out of my pasta! :wink:

Alrighty! Here is the URL for the pictures from Swampfest. I hope you all had as great a time as I and **Mr. Taters ** did. It was a great bunch of people and a lot of fun, plus this was my first ever Dopefest!

I’m sorry there weren’t more pictures and I think I remembered everybody’s names correctly. Well, except for Eric…why can’t I remember your screen name?
I should have taken notes! :smack:

K, I should be finishing my homework assignment (my final homework assignment, thank Og!), but I came on to check tomorrow’s weather and found another thread instead!

Again, we had a great time, and we both thought swampy was the bee’s knees! Heck, the everyone else made up the rest of the bee! We’re all bee bits!

And now, I must look at pictures and then to bed. And then I’ll post more tomorrow to offer my congratulations on the great picture takin’.

Erik is Saltire. Or is it Eric?

He’s a mystery man!

taters, thanks for the pics! (Whew! Now I don’t have to give the hairy eyeball to anybody!) But where are you??? My, what a good lookin’ group of people. I am SOOOOOOOO jealous!

Whaddya mean where am I? I’m right behind the camera! Actually, I do appear in at least two photos where you can see my face. One is is the photo where the captions asks if they could have taken a worse picture of me, and the other picture is titled the MMP Hootananies…err regulars. There’s Swampy , then me and then Mr. and Mrs. Bumba.

The back or side of my head appears in a few pictures too. Funny how I knew to turn away at just the right moment, hmmm?

Goes back and looks at pics again :smack: I am a maroon! How’d I miss that gorgeous hair?

Johnny, those are some pretty good pictures of you.

I have a few pictures too, but my husband took the camera to work yesterday.
I’ll download them today. Taters, could I e-mail them to you so they’ll all be together?
I think someone else took a few as well, I just don’t remember who. Man, one glass of wine and I’m lost. :rolleyes:
It was great meeting everyone. Even my hermit friend said he had a good time.

I mentioned this in the other thread, my husband said to apologize for his pants. (they had two buttons undone :eek: ) and even though three people pointed it out, he didn’t get them fastened. He’s really not a pervert, he had been climbing up and down the sides of the bus tunnel all day. He’s taking a high angle and confined space rescue instructor’s course, and being 40 and out of shape is telling. Add a little alcohol and there ya go. So, thanks for not having him tossed out or arrested :smiley:


I had loads of fun, by the way. Personally, I’m amazed at you, Taters, because you only forgot one Dopername, and apparently remembered all the RLnames.

For just about the first time ever, I can honestly say someone looks the way I envisioned them, and that would be Swampy.

I’ve seen pics of Johnny LA and Bumbazine before, so no surprises there. Oh, Taters, yer pretty cute for a married chick :wink:

I’ve never seen so many pictures of me where I actually look good! That’s some fantastical pitcher-takin’, Taters!

Incidentally, Johnny, there were fries, but I finished 'em off before anyone could start a nautical-themed model building project.

Mr. Cherry and I had fun meeting everyone, I even got over my shyness, sort of. We caught the 11’oclock ferry and passed out from being so tired. I was shocked that Mr. Cherry ate a lot of the chocolate cake ** Swampy**, but the slice was massive.

Here are the pictures I took. Obviously, the last one isn’t from Swampfest. That’s me when I was young and beautiful with my son. I think it was 1977, or 4 BC I can’t remember.

picunurse, You took some nice very nice pictures, and…I don’t look like a total geek either in that picture you took with me in it. I wish I would have seen your posts earlier because I would have told you to go ahead and e-mail the pictures, but, you’ve already posted them. Tell your hubby no biggie with pants, I didn’t even notice until he was leaving. Then again, guys who wear button flys often miss a button or two. This is pretty common.

vunderbob said I cute, tee-hee :o. See, now I’m just all discombobulated.

Saltire, I don’t know how I managed to keep the names straight, then forget your screen name. Sheesh, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.

cherry, I’m so glad you and your husband made it. Your IRL name is beautiful.

Well, the hubby arrived home from work and I just showed him the posts and the photos that picunurse posted. He said the pictures were all very nice. Well, he was a little embarrassed about the photo with his bad tooth, but it’s not that noticable.

Frankly, I can’t wait for **Swampy ** to get back home so he can post and tell us his take on the festivities and the photos.

I’m a bee bit, how 'bout that?