Swampbear Stalks Seattle In May

I’m coming to Seattle May 14th - 21st. Good news for all you Seattle area Dopers! I’ll be there for work during the week (16th - 20th) and my flight home leaves at 7:20 AM on the 21st. However, Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th I get to play. I’m staying at the Warwick Hotel which is downtownish Seattle. Taters knows already and is actually excited about getting to meet me (poor deluded soul) and I’m all excited about meeting her.

I’ll be at the Warwick Saturday through Thursday, then I get to move on to the Doubletree Hotel near the Airport Wednesday through Saturday. I get two hotels because I’m doing some work Monday-Wednesday in the downtown area and Thursday and Friday out nearer the airport.

So, how bout it Seattle Doers? Anybody interested in a Saturday evening and/or Sunday afternoon get together the weekend of the 14th-15th? I’d promise to behave and use my good manners but then it wouldn’t be a dopefest would it? :smiley: C’mon! Y’all know y’all are dyin’ to meet me!

At least, tell me some things to do and see. Some restaurants that are good. Learn me about Seattle!

I know more about North Seattle cuisine than downtown. For downtown, I suggest trawling citysearch. (this is mostly because I hate driving downtown)

For places to check out downtown, I suggest the standard destination of Pike Market and going there early in the day to avoid the worst of the crowds. Also, it’s fun to take a trip on the ferry (costs approx $10 for cars, not sure what people cost) and see a bit of the Sound. There’s the Aquarium on the waterfront, Pioneer Square…

Um… If you’re driving or you have access to the bus system, head up to Fremont to see the Fremont Troll, Waiting for the Bus, and the area, although it’s gotten much more yuppified in recent years, I’m told. (we shall not mention a certain steel building which is IMO less than visually attractive :wink: ) The Hiram Chittenden Locks are further NW, but are pretty neat to check out too.

lizardling I agree about the locks. There’s no better breakfast (or fish & chips) than from the Lock Spot.
Swampy I don’t know if we’ll be here in May, but if we are, I’m in, if i can bring my big dumb bird husband.
The Pike Place Market is a must see, as well as the Hill Climb.
Alaskan Way along Elliott Bay has some great lunch places if you like fresh fish.
Dinner, for a crowd, I’d suggest Salty’s on Alki, sunset on the deck over the Sound.
Chandler’s Cove on Lake Union is good too. Or Duke’s in the same complex at Chandler’s Cove.
If you’re bringing ACBG, a romantic place for dinner (BRING MONEY) is Ponti’s in Fremont. OH! and speaking of Fremont dont miss the Troll under the bridge
Seattle is quite diverse. You may want to spend an afternoon strolling Capital Hill (that’s Strolling, not trolling, although, you could :wink: )
Unless you have a need to take in the entire city in one sweeping glance, pass up the space needle. Its over priced.

This is an honest-to-goodness unsolicited testimony. I met and dined with swampy and he’s got respectable table manners and lots of couth and he’s a good hugger and there were no cops or mace or riot squads, as far as you know.

I highly recommend you make the effort to meet and greet our favorite Jawja boy!

No, he didn’t pay me to say this. And yes, I’m being sincere. Meet swampy.
My work here is done.

I love the Lock Spot, but the fish-n-chips are better at the Elysian on Cap Hill. And the best fish-n-chips in the state are at the Dog House in Langley on Whidbey Island.

(I take my fish-n-chips seriously. :))

If the Lock Spot is on the agenda, though, I ain’t sayin’ no. Lucky for you, this is the weekend before the Seattle film festival starts. If you were coming one week later, I and a bunch of other people would be unavailable. So nice timing! :smiley:

FCM, I am, I am! I’m greatly looking forward to meeting to Swampy. Because I live south of Seattle, in lil’ South Hill, a suburb of Puyallup, I am not much up on what’s hot or not in Seattle. There are lots of cool restaurants that have received good reviews, but I haven’t eaten at them. I’m checking in w/my Seattle friend to see where the good spots are.

The Space Needle is a tad overpriced. I haven’t been in years, but it’s kinda of been there, done it, got the t-shirt deal. I think the last time I was there I brought a friend from California there because she wanted to see it. Snoqualmie Falls Lodge also used to be a very good place to go. Been years since I’ve been there and besides it’s a slight drive from downtown Seattle.

We have some cool, local waterfront restaurants in Tacoma as well. Mebbe, when Swampy has to move to the Sea-Tac area hotel he can check one of those places out too as he won’t be too terribly far from there.

The Locks are fun to watch, and there are often boats going through - maybe I’ll manage to bump into you, since I live a block away from them.
As for the Lockspot, I’ve been there and it’s okay, but I’ve been told the Totem House is good eating, too, though I haven’t tried it yet. I tend to go into the 7-Eleven and get slurpies instead.
I’ll second (or third) checking out Pike Place market.
Also, the Space Needle… a touch overpriced, but an interesting experience. You’re just way up high, and looking down on everything - it’s a thrill for some, a bore for others. I like it. I’ve only been up there twice, once on my wedding night, and once at a small family outing at Christmas. It can be fun.
Avoid the EMP. Not only is an eyesore, but, at least in my experience, not at all worth the price of admission… unless they’ve added something new or interesting, but I just don’t know how they could…I hated the experience.
I could tell you a little about south Seattle, or a little more about North Seattle (I’m in love with Ballard and Fremont) … and very, very little about downtown.

I’m still kind of like a tourist here, myself, since I’ve only lived here for a year. I just asked my husband, “What is there downtown, anyway?” And he just replied, “Everything. You can ask any number of people the same question and the answer will always be different.”

This is interesting for me too, since we’ll also be there in May. However, we’ll only be there for 12 hours, literally: our train from Vancouver, BC arrives at 10pm on the 15th and our train to L.A. leaves at 10am on the 16th.

We’ll be staying at the Vance Hotel.

Given the time constraint and the neighborhood, is there one thing I shouldn’t miss? I’ll be sorry not to have a chance to look at the Space Needle more closely; I’m rather fascinated by it as an artifact of its time. All the World’s Fairs seemed to suggest such a bright and hopeful future, and the Needle was very much in tune with that.

Had to add, my husband just said, “The best person to ask might be a tourist, since most of us locals have already been there, done that, and find our own attractions boring or just not as entertaining.” Now, I don’t think this holds true for everyone, and everyone here has listed some excellent places to go and see. Do try to see them, if you can.

The Space Needle, though, you know… I’d recommend it. Because when I came here a couple of years ago for a two week stay, the first thing my mother asked me when I got off the plane back home was, “So, did you go up in the Space Needle?” When I told her I hadn’t, she just looked confused and a trifle disappointed. So, no, I’m not saying “do it for your mother”. :stuck_out_tongue: What I *am * saying, however, is that the Space Needle, overpriced, boring, or not, is a defining building in this city - people not from here know what it is, and so, upon returning home, you have the triumphant bragging rights of being able to say you’ve been to the Space Needle. And that you found it a bit of a bore. :wink:

Underground Tour! Underground Tour! I recommend it to everyone who comes out here, and have yet to have anyone disappointed.

Oh yeah - and I’d be hip to some beers and whatnot.

Swampy: I’ll be in Fayetteville, AR in May. Maybe we’ll see each other? :stuck_out_tongue:

chaoticdonkey unless there is some kinda cosmic time spacewarp thing betwixt Seattle, WA and Fayetteville, AK, I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

FCM thanks for the testimony. I knew remembering not to wipe my mouth on my sleeve would one day serve me well!

Taters if I don’t get to see you then the whole trip will be a waste. Hear me? A waste!

picunurse (my fellow lover of cruises), lizardling, Cervaise, Anastasaeon, Aguecheek and other Seattle type Dopers, I have a glowing testimony so you know you wanna meet me. Let’s get something goin’ here folks! This is my virginal trip to the great northwest USA. It must be done in style.

I recommend Chinook’s restaurant at Fisherman’s Terminal – in the Queen Anne/Magnolia region. It’s my favorite place to take out-of-towners, sort of the quintessential Seattle restaurant (IMO).

I also think it would be a great place for a mini-dopefest – yummy food, not too pricy. Anyone else interested, or have a better place?

There ya go! stargazer’s gettin’ into the spirit of things! We now have a suggestion for a place to meet. Let’s make this party happen folks!

Actually, it is AR, not AK. It was an ironic comment sinc I think that I’m actually closer to you when you’re at home than when you’re going to Seattle.

How could I have forgotten that! The Underground tour is great, twisted, like us.

Anastasaeon Your man has a point. I was born at Harborview, so Its all just street noise to me.

I’ve never been to Chinook’s, but I’ve heard good about it Fishermen’s Terminal isn’t much to look at but good food is the key.
Make 'da plans, if we’re in town, will follow the leader.
It sounds like great fun.

Aguecheek is our appointed leader! Plan it and they will come. The underground tour stuff sounds like fun. Let’s party Seattlers!

Swampy Honey! honey! Honey! We are Seattlites :rolleyes:

Heehee! Do y’all like circle around things and stuff? :smiley: I was gonna say Seattleans cause I thought that was funny too. If nothing else I could get a bunch of Sattelites…err Seattlites all riled up to the point that they want to meet me just to beat me up. A dopefest to remember!

Actually, my husband, who will be accompanying me on the MeetSwampy Quest, said he thought the underground tour would be fun too.

This man has lived in this state his entire life and has never gone. Can you believe that? I’ve gone, but I think I was about 13 when I went.

At any rate, wherever we end up meeting/eating is fine w/me. Saturday would be a great day to do it.