SEC Fans: Stand and be counted

If you have at least one SEC school that you root for no matter who they’re playing, if you went to an SEC school, or if you just like to think of yourself as an “SEC Fan” please identify yourself and give whatever particulars about yourself that you care to.

Someone wake **Oakminster **up.

I’m a C-USA grad and fan, but I root for the Gators second.

I attended Vanderbilt, my brother and son went to Tennessee, my dad Auburn, so I have divided loyalties. I guess I’m mostly an Auburn fan, though.

Go dawgs! Sic 'em, woof woof woof!

Woooo Pig Sooie!

I attended UF and USF, graduated from USF. I support UF sports mainly, but also USF. Have scarcely ever had a conflict of interest, as they seldom compete head to head.

I actually don’t much care for the other SEC schools, though, and don’t buy into the myth of SEC superiority in all sports. For example, I think it’s probable that UCLA or some similar school will win the NCAA women’s softball tournament. And Duke did win the NCAA men’s basketball last time around.

Roll Tide! Moo Aubarn!

Sucker for punishment here. Vandy fan (VULS 2002-2005).

The Security and Exchange Commission rocks! Fuckin’ A!

Another Dawg fan, checking in.

Graduates of proper universities know that it’s Securities and Exchange Commission. :smiley:

Cut him some slack, he probably went to Clemson.

Booo clemson! Go Cocks!!

“…SEC Fans: Stand and be counted…”

Considering that this is the 15th post, chances are the SEC fans had to take off their shoes to count that high.

If the threadcounts gets to 21, I have feeling they might be arrested for indecent exposure.

I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Ga Tech

I’m not an SEC fan, I’m a Kentucky fan. Y’all can have the rest.

But, sir, you repeat yourself! :wink:

MSU alum here… Not sure if I’m with the group upthread yellin’ Go Dawgs because they may be Georgia fans… but here’s hoping they’re not!

Go State!

I married into a Mississippi State family. Interestingly, her father was one of the National Guard troops called to assist in the desegregation of Ole Miss.

According to family legend, my first phrase was ‘Go Dogs, Damn Jackets!’
Which turns out to be a bit weird since I am an alumni of both fine institutions of higher learning.

But, in the SEC, I am a Bulldog, born and bred.
When you cut me, I bleed black and red.

I see I am in good company.