SEC looks bad

Arkansas gets pounded by Missouri and Michigan did everything in their power to give the game to Florida, but the Gators weren’t able to take it. Michigan lost at home to Appalachain State! The only win was a squeaker by Tennessee over a vastly overrated Wisconsin. Midwestern farmboys were pushing around and running past the vaunted SEC athletes. The SEC looked very slow and weak.

I suspect Georgia will crush Hawaii tonight, but look for Ohio State to put a hurting on LSU next Monday.

Hail Yes! Go Blue!
Michigan moves to 23-5-1 all time vs. SEC.

Georgia did put a whoopin’ on Hawaii

Seems like you’ve forgotten that Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Kentucky are also in the SEC and all won their bowl games.

As for that “highly overrated” Badger team, didn’t they also kick Michigan during the season?

I wouldn’t say the SEC looks bad, but the dominance their supporters professed this year certainly hasn’t been there. They’ve been winning, but they have been very close wins against teams that weren’t anything special.

Clemson was the #5 ACC team and Auburn was the #5 SEC team. Auburn won in overtime, and it was a very close game.

Tennessee was the #4 SEC team, and they won in a close game against the #4 Big 10 team.

Florida was the #3 SEC team, and lost to the #3 Big 10 team.

Arkansas was anywhere between #6 and #9, and they got rocked by the #2 Big 12 team.

Mississippi State was between the #6 and #9 team, and they won a close game against the C-USA champion in a close game.

Alabama was between the #6 and #9 team, and they won a close one against Colorado, who is between #6 and #9 in the Big 12.

Kentucky was probably the #9 SEC team, and they won a close game against a depleted FSU team, who was 6th or 7th in the ACC.

Georgia smacked around Hawaii, but no one knows how good Hawaii was.

The SEC is establishing itself as the best conference, but they aren’t very far ahead of everyone else.

Michigan didn’t bother in that game. They didn’t play Hart or Henne much at all. They were waiting for Ohio State the next weekend.

And gosh, didn’t Illinois look tough, with USC wailing on them 49-17?

SEC is 6-2 in bowl play.

Big 10 is 3-4.

And let’s see how Monday night plays out.

The SEC could just have easily been 1-7, so the record is a bit misleading. The SEC’s performance thus far is far from the domination you have been singing all year long.

#6 Missouri pounds unranked Arkansas and it makes the SEC look bad? It was a mismatch plain and simple. Throw in the fact that the coach stepped down in November and it’s a pitiful argument. Interim coaches are 0-5. Missouri could easily be playing for the National Championship and Arkansas is a decent SEC team. This wasn’t a very strong year for the SEC, IMHO, but Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU could probably destroy whatever unranked Big 12 or Big 10 competition you throw at them, too. As for Florida, they were vastly overrated(I can play that game too) because of Captian Tebow. Despite the App. State loss, Michigan didn’t turn out half bad this year with a senior quarterback. Congrats on that win.

Monday will settle things for now, but this has been one of the worst seasons in recent memory. Even more argument for a playoff system to decide who actually deserves a shot at the title.

No surprise, the best team from the PAC-10 at full strength vs. the third best team from the Big Ten. USC could beat any team right now.

Bwaaaahahahahahaha! No, the record is NOT misleading. The SEC is not 1-7, regardless of how close the games were.

I cannot believe that the Gators lost. We had every reason to CRUSH michigan. How did we give it away like that. cries

I agree, but it was a hell of a good game.

I had an unpleasant flashback during the end of Kentucky’s bowl game. Years ago, the Wildcats had a Peach Bowl victory all but wrapped up. All goddamned Marty Moore had to do after intercepting a Clemson pass was SIT DOWN. But, no, he had to try to return it, he fumbled it back to Clemson, and the Tigers pulled out the victory. In Monday’s game against Florida State, all Micah Johnson had to do after intercepting a pass was SIT DOWN. But, no, he had to try to return it, and he fumbled it back to Florida State. At least THIS time, the Wildcats actually won.

Amen, brother. The SEC has won SIX bowl games this year, that’s half the damn conference right there, and we’re supposed to believe that they look bad? What other conference has done better?

Honestly, with a LSU victory on Monday the SEC will be able to say that the majority of the teams in the 12 team conference not only went to a bowl, but won. What other conference can say that?

For some reason I thought you were going to run down the Securities Exchange Commission.

Is this some sort of bizarro world? The SEC is 6-2 and “looks bad”? They “could be” 1-7??? Uh, yeah, and the Big-10 “could be” 7-0 if they had, you know, won all their games. :rolleyes:

Auburn “could have” lost. But they didn’t. Mississippi State “could have” lost. But they didn’t.

It’s all playing out on the field. The SEC will likely go 7-2 (probably with a last-second win in a tight game, like LSU has done time and time again) and there will some that will say they “looked bad” doing it.

The SEC may be overrated, but this is really backward logic. Not as dominant as conference backers said? Maybe. “Bad?” Not by a long shot.

Well, but let’s keep it in perspective: In games between the Big-10 and the SEC, the record is 1 - 1, with the rubber match on Monday. And both the completed games between members of the two conferences were close affairs, showing that the Big-10 is quite competitive with the SEC.

I think it would be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if the two conferences picked a Saturday in the fall and simply matched themselves up top to bottom, half the games in SEC stadiums, half in Big-10 stadiums. Ole’ Miss could go scrounge up someone else to play and consider themselves lucky that day. :smiley:

“That was never insider trading! I knew that from my barber’s cousin’s first wife who massages a day trader in Peoria! Anyone could have found that out, because she’s a total slut!”

Wisconsin is vastly overrated? How so?