Michigan "football?"

Anyone know if MI football teams have experienced a worse single day? SEC SEC SEC!!! :wink:

Not just Michigan, Big Ten in general had a rough day.

Well, yes. 0-5 today?

0 - 4 as far as I know.

Michigan lost to Mississippi State.
Michigan State lost to Alabama.
Penn State lost to Florida.
Northwestern lost to Texas Tech.
Wisconsin lost to TCU (breaking my heart).

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Stinky, is that you?

Is there any more annoying habit in journalism than referring to something (the Big Ten going 0-5) without explaining what happened (i.e. which teams lost and to whom)? The other fun thing about yesterday is that Nebraska lost as well (who’s joining the Big Ten next year).



Oh, quit crying. You got your asses handed to you. Deal with it.

As far as Michigan and MSU goes, I don’t think they deserved to be in bowl games at all. Yeah. They had the record to “deserve” it, but the records were padded with victories over JV squads and teams with multiple compass points and states in their names (Woo! We beat South North Central Indiana Tech of Florida!).

I live in Michigan, and work with several fans of both teams. Leading up to the bowl games, even the die hards knew that their team was going to get stomped. Maybe not as bad as they were stomped (and U of M was more cruel in their loss, surging to a 14-0 lead before falling hard), but stomped. This sort of drubbing will likely continue until something is done with the rankings and the BCS to stop rewarding teams for winning against smaller schools.

As for Michigan, everyone knows they were playing with a lame duck coach. The defense stinks, it has all year. They would have lost whatever bowl they were in, they got one of the better bowls just because of the name.

Michigan State had an off day, perfectly matching the effort against Iowa. This is a team that beat Wisconsin decisively and has the nucleus of a good team for next year. The schedule is noticeably tougher in 2011, with Nebraska and Ohio State joining the schedule.

Northwestern would very likely had won its bowl game if they had their quarterback.

Wisconsin should have won against TCU, their late game clock management was horrendous.

Penn State played pretty decent and but for a break here or there would have handled Florida.

Ohio State will very likely beat Arkansas and salvage the bowl season.

The bowl matchups could have been better for the Big Ten. Michigan would have lost whoever they played, Wisconsin would have matched up better against Alabama, Michigan State would have beaten either TCU or Miss State.

Nortwestern had been on pace to have a very good year before losing their QB, who was responsible for about 70% of their offense. In addition to being their leading passer (obviously) I believe he was their leading rusher, or close to it. Unfortunately they were unable to win a game after he was injured in the victory over Iowa. They also didn’t have their starting RB for the bowl game, so really I’m surprised the game was as close as it was (7 points) - especially when you consider they were playing Texas Tech in Texas. Heck, they couldn’t even beat Illinois in the last game of the season.

In today’s Chicago Tribune, there was an editorial (on the editorial page, not in the sports section) about how the big ten is at such a big disadvantage in bowl games. The reason? The weather where the bowls are played is too warm for these cold-weather teams. Of course it has nothing to do with the big ten’s lack of talent. :rolleyes:

In the future, please feel free to PM this info to me. For those of us that “invest” in bowl games, this would be vital info. :smiley:

While UM had a Swiss cheese defense all year, I thought MSU was a legitimately good team. Wisconsin barely lost to the the possible best team in the nation. In theory, the Badgers could be the #2 team in the country. We’ll never know. I think Wisconsin would beat Oregon with relative ease (and have a good chance against Auburn).

But yeah, very poor show by the Big 10. And they wanted to name their divisions “Legends” and “Leaders”. I’d hold off on that.

All teams do this. Mississippi State didn’t play anybody in non-conference record that finished with a winning record. They didn’t even play a single BCS school in non-con. Alabama did beat Penn State but Georgia Southern, Duke, and San Jose State don’t exactly fill me with dread either.

Yes, both Mississippi State and Alabama have a*** much*** harder conference schedule. However, your point is concerned with the non-conference schedule. Michigan beat 2 BCS teams that also played in bowls. (Big East champion Conn. and Notre Dame). Michigan State might be more guilty of your accusation, but at least they scheduled Notre Dame which is more than what Mississippi State can claim.

Michigan State, by the way, had 7 wins against teams that finished the season with at least 6 wins, so not JV squads either. Alabama can also claim 7 (counting Georgia Southern) and Mississippi State has a total of 5 wins against opponents with at least 6 wins. That doesn’t look like Michigan State’s record is “padded” at all. They beat one great team (Wisconsin) and lots of good ones.

I’m not trying to start a non-con scheduling argument. I just want to point out that the schedule both teams played wasn’t somehow especially weak when everyone does this.

Yes, the SEC are cheaters and the Big Ten are paragons of virtue. How many Arkansas players are going to play in tonight’s game because it is a “unique opportunity” for them, despite being suspended for half of next season for violating rules regarding taking money?

The NCAA so desperately wants a competitive game and to try to bolster viewing numbers it has sunk even lower into the slime on this one.

Really? I wouldn’t say it’s very likely and I certainly wouldn’t say it would salvage the bowl season for the Big 10. In fact, I think OSU is damned if they do, damned if they don’t. They’ve got their own serious issues to deal with, and more is being piled on to Terelle Pryor as we speak.

The Big 10 is a weak conference right now. MSU’s record was helped a lot by not playing OSU. Wisconson was easily the best team but they lost to a pretty evenly matched TCU team. I think TCU would have handled other BCS teams such as Oklahoma, UConn, VT or OSU.

:smiley: Well, yeah, I suppose you could fairly call being crushed in every phase of the game by a far superior team “an off day”.

What the hell are you smoking? They didn’t have an “off day”. On their very best day, Michigan State would have been ground into the turf by Alabama (given the way Bama was playing that day). That they decisively beat Wisconsin tells me more about Wisky than it does about MSU. MSU played extremely hard in the Cap One Bowl. They were simply beaten by a better team.

Imagine what the Big 10 faithful would be saying if they had gone 5-0 on New Years Day, and the SEC faithful were spinning the losses.

BTW SEC stands for: