Secret Crushes


How could I have forgotten Silky Threat?!" I have her pic in a folder in my mailbox. Her name is #3 on my list of “To Do If I Ever Get A Chance” (right under Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman**
I am way too new at these boards to be responding to threads by only my last name, but here it goes anyways…

I have no idea how you could have forgotten “Silky Threat” and since you said this about me :" great name, lame post" I feel woefully unprepared to be meeting you here… :slight_smile:

Besides, my real crush is on Euty…

I am going to feel like such an ass telling her she hit “New Thread” instead of “Post Reply” now.

Yeah, well, it’s your job, Eutems. What are you waiting for?

Oooh, sounds like Coldie might be jealous cuz he wasn’t mentioned!

Sorry! Once again I say waaaaaay to much wodka and not enough sleep!!! Oh well.


Buncha damned pantywaists. I gotta do everything around here. When are you two gonna grow a pair o’ balls?

Jane, D’oh!, I believe you selected the New Thread option rather than the intended Post Reply. As there’s no way to move this post to the correct thread, you’ll have to re-post it where it belongs. Thanks for posting though and do not exit the SDMB until it comes to a complete stop. Enjoy your day with us.

Miiiiiiiind the gaaaap…

Youse wight, dat was waaaaaaaay to wuch wodka.