"Secret" Forum

I stumbled across this place while making a search.

(What search you ask - why this one)

What’s going on with this? I ASSUME from the dates and the sticky that it’s an old april fools joke, in which case why is it showing up in search results and being perfectly accessible, but having no links. Are there other “secret” forums?

If you are referring to the “Happy Thoughts” forum, that was an April Fool’s Day event, closed the next day.

Ah, memories! Re-reading one thread I started about a “Goodtime Song,” no one guessed the artist of the song before the forum was disappeared. I’m still open to suggestions.

The forum settings do allow you to exclude individual forums from search indexing, if the staff wants to avoid hidden forums showing up in search results in the future.

I just listened to both demos, and I feel like jgoddess did back then: I should know this voice, but I can’t come up with a name. Fun and a little frustrating.