Secret Santa 2005

new (mod approved) thread.

(Open to all paying members 18 and older) To participate, send an email with your real name, screenname and address to

  1. ~$10 limit

  2. Dec. 5th deadline to sign up (note the date change!)

  3. Keep the gifts family friendly

  4. .State things you are interested in in your post to help the SS shopper out a bit.

  5. Print out everything or save to hard drive.

  6. After you send a package, post in this thread. Do the same when you receive
    your gift.

  7. When you email your info, put in the subject thread your SD name and your real name. It makes it much easier to figure out who is who when you have to re-send someone an address because they deleted it.

  8. If you have no problem signing up for International mailings or any Forgotten Dopers whose SS never got with The Program and would like to get a gift for them, say so in your signing up post.

  9. International Mailings should be out by December 12-15. This is anything that is not the 48 contiguous. (Internation inclds Canada Too, as you have to fill out a customs form.)

  10. All Domestic Mailings ( US) probably should be Priority Mail. It really is not that much more ( a few cents to a couple of quarters.) and gets there faster.

  11. Send a note with your gift that contains your SDMB username.

If we signed up the the previous thread, do we still need to send an email?

I’m confused at what purpose is accomplished by creating a second thread. As soon as we learn who are giftee is, we’ll all have to go back to the original thread to check on their list of wants, right?

Or are we all supposed to repost our wish lists here?

Are we supposed to start completely over with new emails?

Really, couldn’t the Mod simply edit the OP to add an ‘approved’ line, and let us carry on as before?

No. If you were in before, tnen you’re in now.

Alice in Wonderland
Batsinma Belfry
Edward the Head
Gangster Octopus
Hugh Jass
Ms Macphisto
Pretend My Name Is Witty
rocking chair
Shirley Ujest
Susie Derkins

These are the folks who have signed up so far.

Just to be safe, email (re)sent.

I have very eclectic tastes and I generally like things that are rather quirky, but I take a specific interest in:

Travel (esp. regional to my Santa)
Nature/Outdoorsy (esp. state and national parks)
Magnets (again, regional or the quirkier, the better)
Ballistics (esp. trebuchets, catapults, etc.)
If my Santa has an artistic bent, any homemade arts/crafts would be dearly cherished.

It would be helpful for your Santa if you reposted your wishlist here. The address you sent your emails to was set up by me and has nothing to do with the SDMB itself, so the information wasn’t affected by the close.
Here is the original Secret Santa link.

Per Omega Glory’s request.

E-mail sent! At last I spotted one of these threads BEFORE the signup date passed.

Some types of things I love:

Wall calendars, with colorful pictures like animals or nature scenes or crafty things.

Gel pens!

Hand or body lotions. (Got very dry skin.) I enjoy most scents, except for maybe super-sweet fruit ones.

Candles – any scent except strawberry.


My adorable cat loves little mice made from sheepskin (and has just destroyed her very last one.) Or one of those laserpointer/toy things would be great. Oh, heck, any sort of cat toys: the gift that pleases two!

Jigsaw puzzles. The more pieces the better! BTW: used and ‘hand me downs’ are fine by me.

Books: SF, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers. Ditto on used being fine.
Wow, long list! But offering a lot of options means I’ll be more surprised.

Hmm, don’t know if this is done, but:
Things I’ll thank you for nicely but probably re-gift:

I don’t drink coffee, so please no coffee or coffee-flavored anything. I also already have way too many mugs.

The only CD player in the house is in my computer, and we have no DVD player at all. I’m one of those strange people who prefer silence to music in the background.
Can’t wait to find out who I’ll be shopping for!

I’m in too!

I love books, used are peachy keen
WWII books are great (though I passionately hate Stephen Ambrose)
beaded jewelry
funny DVDs (used are fine)
Christmas ornaments
snowman stuff
blue or green colored stuff

I have a dog who loves obnoxiously squeaky toys and something for him would also be cool.


Froo-froo girly crap (candles, whatever)
Herbal tea
Colored pens (especially purple)
And did someone mention homemade cookies???

Can a guest who may not pay up be a part of this?


Im in a dorm room, so please no candles or stuff that needs nails in the walls to hang up!

I really enjoy salsa/chutney/dips, exc. The spicier the better.

I love cute pens (I currently have one in the shape of chopsticks with a piece of sushi on the end) and if you run accross any that just make you laugh, then it is great.

I love candy (chocolate, sour, sweet, powdery, exc. except licorice) so if you have any kinds over there that are different/strange, then send them over.

I love artsy-fartsy stuff, such as ceramic cups, paintings, posters, exc. I also love bright colors.

Basics: My favorite colors are green and purple; I hate stuff that makes loud noises; my favorite scents are orchid, vanilla, and peppermint; I wear a size small shirt; and I have two fishtanks and a miniature daschound.

I hope thats enough to get you going!

I’ll let Omega Glory correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that you must be a paid member. So, if you want to play, you’ll need to pony-up the registration fee.


Puppy stuff please! He’s a size 14/medium and is just as much a hippie as his momma. :smiley: We like collars, sweaters, and basically any nifty things that pampers the pooch the way he was designed to be.

Other than that, I’m game for pretty much anything. Suprise me and I’ll be happy.

Oh and this:

I don’t know if that’s ‘allowed’ or not, but I certainly will cast my vote for keeping you on the island. You seems like good people and I wouldn’t mind swapping a postage or four. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not overly picky. Local stuff is nice, maybe some cool magnets, and you can never go wrong with coffee or chocolate.

I’ll also add that I like candles and sparkly stuff, and my favourite colours are blue and green.

Wishlist repost:

Santa: Something from your area would be cool, or I can always use another calendar. My T-shirt size is XL. If you want to do books or CDs, my Amazon wishlist is in my real name – there’s plenty of stuff under $10 if you go used, which would be more than okay with me. My favorite color is green, and my totem animal is the flamingo.

[hijack] If anyone is interested laina_f has started The 2005 Doper Ornament Exchange thread, which is rather floundering, over here. [/hijack]

If you are willing to send and receive a present from John, then he can play. I won’t pair anyone with a guest without their permission though.

Per request, here is a re-post for me:

I’m in for 2005, yay! Here’s some of my likes:

[li]Almost anything chocolate![/li][li]Coffee and/or coffee mug[/li][li]Star Trek-related items[/li][li]Little knick-knacky items[/li][/ul]

And just in case SS might be from the Orlando FL or Anaheim CA area (LOL yeah, Disney related!), I’m looking for a key chain with a small, stuffed Donald Duck. I’ve got Mickey and Minnie - the stuffed toy is about 4 inches tall, btw. LOL I hope that’s not too specific, but just in case.

Woo hoo and thanks Omega Glory!!

(hopefully this looks better than my last list did …:))


“And the workhouses - are they not still in operation?”

OK, I’m in. No bah humbugs here!

E-mail is sent.

My likes… let’s see… long walks on the beach… honest people… moonlit nights… what?


Country music new releases. Also female vocalists in the mold of Anna Nalik, Kasey Chambers, Tift Merritt. Cigars. Chocolate. Booze. Chocolate booze. Coffee mugs from your city, or from a Broadway show. Good coffee, beans or ground. Bowties, of the tie-them-yourself variety.

Ho ho ho!

I love books, and as someone else said, used books are great ! Books you have read and adored and have hanging around the house are great too. Love me my books. I read sci-fi, and non-fiction of all types.

A t-shirt from your locale is cool ( XL ), or a coffee mug. Due to my Atkins Diet ways, unless you’re in a position to ship an entire side of beef, foodstuffs are maybe not the best choice.

I love music of many types- rock, prog rock, classical, and am learning more and more about jazz. Surprise me !