Section 31: A little more praise, a little less idealistic condescension, please

Another Star Trek thread…

why did Sisko, Bashir, and Adm. Ross have their panties in a bunch about Sloane and Sec. 31?
the Prophets and Section 31 basically won their stupid war for them.

Well, that’s not strictly true…they basically won the war by saying “give up, and we’ll stop Section 31 from finishing murdering your race.” :smiley:

What’s a little genocide in wartime, huh?

By the end of the war, I think both sides were attempting a little genocide.

Sisko, Bashir, and Admiral Ross all grew up being taught that the Federation was a perfect society which had long ago risen above violence an deceit. Learning that there was a secret CIA working behind the scenes to protect their paradise was a shock to their lifetimes of idealism.

2ply nailed it. Sec 31 violated the spirit of the Federation. That’s why DS-9 is the best Star Trek incarnation; it shows the grittier side of the future.

Also, please note that you’re looking for “less idealistic condescension” from Star Trek. That’s going to be a difficult proposition.

I thought the hand-wringing about “genocide” was ridiculous. As far as we were aware, the whole race was part of one collective which was waging aggresive war on the Federation. They were legitimate targets. There weren’t any non-Founder changelings, as far as the viewer or the Federation knew, except for Odo.

Even a democracy under the rule of law can have a spy agency that will, in extremis, do nasty things. But it has to be pursuant to law. An utterly lawless and secretive agency that answers to no one is, or ought to be, repugnant to anyone who really cares about democracy, or has sworn an oath to uphold its constitution or charter. That goes for any Starfleet officer or, by analogy, any U.S. Navy officer.