Seeing post numbers for "normal" threads

So with some help I managed, finally, to figure out how to distinguish threads I’ve posted in from those I haven’t in the “latest topics” list: set preferences to set anything I’ve posted into as “tracking” and threads I’ve only read, along with ones I haven’t, as “normal”. Normal threads aren’t supposed to show a number for a new post count, tracked threads are.

But a small percentage of “normal” threads – not all of them – are now showing that number of new post counts; so again I can’t tell the threads I’ve posted in from those I haven’t when looking at the list.

Anybody got any advice on this?

(And no, my topic is not similar to “post-positivism” in General Questions in 2004.)

Watching may be better than Tracking for keeping track of where you’ve posted.

Anyway, you can change how it automatically sets threads to Tracking in your Profile > Preferences > Notifications.

Thank God Discobot cannot figure that out yet.

Yes, I did that. That’s the point. An occasional thread that’s set to Normal shows a post count as if I had it set to Tracking or Watching. Most of them don’t; I don’t know why those threads that do this are doing it. But they’re already set to Normal, it’s not a matter of my having the setting wrong.