Seeking Batch File-Rename Software

I’m looking for a program (for running in Windows XP) to do batch-renames of files, with the capabilities:

  1. Ability to filter on the (original) file name (e.g. to change the names of files that still have the “IMG*.JPG” names assigned by the digital camera, but leave ones that have been given descriptive names alone).

  2. Ability to construct file names from metadata (e.g. date-and-time tags on images, author or title on MP3s, etc).

Can’t help you with the others, but The Godfather is the best thing I’ve seen to rename .mp3 files. Bit of a learning curve though.

To get you started …

Rename Master is the best program I’ve found.

Checkout A.F.5 Rename. I downloaded it from and it was free and did exactly what I wanted.


A couple of weeks ago, I tried a number of different utilities to batch rename files. The one I found best was called ReNamer, from here: