Seeking Beta Readers [3rd book]

I can’t seem to stop writing books, even though the existing ones aren’t exactly selling like hotcakes or letting me quit my day job.

Third book is about being in a high end rehab facility. A lot more internal monologue stuff, insofar as the main character’s mental validity and possible denial-of-reality about a wide variety of stuff is being called into question. A lot of attention to institutional authority and abuses thereof, patients’ rights, etc, as well.

Roughly 67K words, available to anyone willing to give feedback. (I’m particularly interested in whether or not it’s too self-immersed, or too repetitive, or just not interesting enough to hold anyone’s attention to the end).

I’ll give it a read, I do a fair amount of beta reading for friends. If you need a professional proof reader, I can hook you up with one with quite reasonable rates as well.

I’m not looking for someone to proofread for grammatical and spelling errors, etc, but rather to tell me whether it’s boring or entertaining, confusing or clear in this part and that part, whether the characters are well-developed or seem empty and interchangeable, etc…

I’ll IM you to get your contact info for sending it, and thanks!!

Got it, read it, made comments on it =)

That’s a four-day turnaround, for those of you following along at home from your couches and stuff. The comments were really nice and quite encouraging.