Seeking beta readers for my new political satire novel

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I recently completed my fourth novel, a political satire with a slight tinge of sci-fi. The manuscript is pretty short – about 42,000 words, which makes it a long novella or short novel, depending on who you ask. I’m willing to pay $20 (which I recognize doesn’t match the amount of work involved in beta reading, but hopefully some of y’all would enjoy this kind of thing) for beta readers who meet the following criteria:

-Knowledge and interest in American politics, particularly politics since 2016
-Disgust with Trump and Trumpism (Trump supporters are unlikely to enjoy this novel)

And that’s about it. Content warnings include all the nasty stuff that surrounds Trump and Trumpism (i.e. bigotry, etc.), mild violence, a bit of bad language, and some gross-out scenes. As a slight hint to the story, there’s a thousand-foot monster involved.

As for what kind of feedback I’m looking for, pretty much anything and everything – does the story flow? Is it funny? Are the characters believable? Do the various references/allusions to real-life people and events fit? And whatever else you think about it. I’m not necessarily expecting paragraphs and paragraphs; just what comes to mind while you read and when you finish.

I’m very proud of this book and I hope others will enjoy it as well. If you’re interested, please message me or post in this thread. Thanks very much!

I’ll add that the story is also, in a way, a road-trip story, and just about every named reference to a town, building, or place of business is a real life place that I researched before including.

I really enjoyed reading Spindown. I’m not into politics enough to do a good job critiquing a book, but once it’s available for purchase I’d like to read it.

No need for a detailed knowledge of politics - just a basic interest. Thanks for the kind words and interest!


What the heck, I’ll give it a shot. I enjoyed Spindown, and loathe Trump with every fiber of my being. You don’t even have to bother with the $20, I’ll do it for free. (Although remember, you get what you pay for! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Great, thanks so much! I’ll message you.

I’m willing! I’m a sci fi fan, political junkie, and Trump hater. I won’t need the money, but I will need a deadline and multiple reminders.

Great, thank you! I’ll message you.

A few more spots are open if anyone else is interested…

Will do for free.

Great, thanks! I’ll message you.

EDIT: I can’t message you – your profile is hidden. If you can message me, please send me your email address, and I’ll send you the manuscript. Alternately, email me at my screenname

What’s the timeframe for completion and comments? It sounds like it would be up my alley.

This one is going to be tough, since a lot of real life people you may be using as models just aren’t all that believable as human beings to begin with.

I’d be interested, send it my way!

Hopefully within a month or so. If you’re interested, please message me. Thanks MN

Good point! :wink: