Seeking computer tech help (crash upon webcam startup)

So I have a Logitech C600 webcam. Everything has been working fine for about a year, until I moved. For some reason, my USB hub stopped working (I thought it was the fact that I lost my power cord, and put in a different one), so I replaced that with a new one. Now, when I start up anything involving my webcam, once it starts up, I get a BSOD (though not *exactly *a BSOD - my computer restarts, rather than just shut down).

Some initial searches say that a secondary drive may be an issue. I have a WD secondary 2TB drive installed, if that helps.

Also, I have a very tenuous grasp of virus protection, and downloaded a few things the SDMB recommended a few years ago - but nothing current. I may not be active on this computer tomorrow morning, but can check in the afternoon. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

You may be getting a BSOD; your computer is just set up to automatically restart when it happens; this page has instructions on how to disable it (assuming you have Windows 7, pretty similar for other versions).

Has anything been added or changed aside from a new USB hub? Also, have you tried using the webcam without the USB hub; directly connected to the computer’s USB port (also try changing the port, I assume it has more than one)? You say that you tried a different power supply for the original USB hub, I am wondering if it somehow damaged the USB port, thus the problem persisted with a new one.

Sorry - yes, I’m using Windows 7. And I’ve plugged the webcam directly into the computer’s USB port (a different one), and it crashed then as well. I’ll check out that page when I get home, thanks.

Okay - I disabled the restart for the BSOD, and this is the error I get:

And the answer is: uninstall and reinstall the driver.