Seige is a fine christian woman

I have e mailed my friend, but since it was first posted here, I wanted to express myself in this here forum.

Some time ago, I got caught up in “fundie madness”.
Sometimes this happens to Christians, and it happened to me and I got all self-righteous and stupid and accused Seige of watering down the gospel.

Of course, I was wrong and realized my error of judgmentalism.
I believe the most important 2 commandments have been posted here before, and Seige fills them both.
Most of her posts show the fruit of the Spirit, she does show the gospel by her words and her life, though she would be too humble to admit this (maybe) :wink:

I had been frequenting an “intolerant” “chrsitian” board, still am, sortof.
They call me wicked and false and tell me they only keep me there cause my posts are so stupid they enjoy laughing and mocking me.
I then finally realized a christian is as a christian does; they aren’t really christians, just right wingers.

So, as everyone already knew, Seige is a wonderful person whom I hope to meet eventually(maybe at her wedding? :smiley: ) and wanted to publically post my apology to her and let you guys know I have not really “lost it” I have come to my senses.

Anyone else is welcome to post their admiration of Seige here, she does deserve it.

Thank you, and I accept your nomination as a normal board memeber!
(applause and balloons)

I agree. And so is vanilla. :slight_smile:

I love the both of you.

the both of us?
Me and Diogenes?

It sounds like you have shifted the focus from Seige to the right-wing Christians.
Perhaps it would be best not to try to judge anyone else’s Christianity. Just try to do your best to live a good life that will be pleasing to God and I’m sure that if God isn’t happy with the way the others are living their lives He’ll make it known to them somehow. :slight_smile:

maybe by a flaming toilet from the sky.(other thread in debates)

vanilla, I am consistently confused by your stance on most issues… but I have to commend you for this OP.

Good on you for being honest with yourself, and with us.

The Dead Like Me references are just raining down…


Vanilla, more power to you for admitting your mistake instead of running with your tail between your legs like a lot on this board tend to when proven wrong. :slight_smile:

I have always admired siege for staying true to her beliefs even when surrounded by a bunch of malcontented heretics. Especially so since I first noticed her posting when his4ever was posting heavily, and that can’t have been an easy environment to try to maintain an even keel in. Kind of like resistance training for the soul.

I’m a kinda sorta right-wing C’tian & I’ve always liked vanilla & Siege. Hell, if it wasn’t that we’d get in big political fights, I’d be courting either one of 'em!

ah, yer just afraid we’d convert you!

I hope she sees this, I haven’t told her I was posting it.

I’m stunned and speechless. I’m also Siege, by the way. (I’ve misspelled it, too.)

Vanilla, as I’ve told you in private, I’m now telling you in person, you’re a far better Christian than I am. However, my boss has just walked in and commented on how fast I type. Maybe I’d better start typing his stuff now! :eek:

But, it’s my lunch hour! (Would you believe 15 minutes?!)

What a classy post.

This is a very sweet post. And here I thought that all the Dopers had turned mean lately, hehe.

Cool. I’m glad this worked out okay. Sorry to hear about your new “friends,” vanilla.

  1. they are not my friends, they are too rabidly anti-Democrat.
    Any Democrat. They aren’t even christians.

  2. Oops. Siege. I can never seem to make ONE post without a misspelling.
    Must try to be slower.

3.Anyone who dislikes Siege has got to be a bad person. :slight_smile:

  1. Who wants a love fest?
    Somebody get us a hot tub, I’ll bring the popcorn(I can see NoClueBoy making travel plans already! :slight_smile:

It bugs me that being conservative politically is so tied up with being die-hard Christian (or religious, generally). Can’t I be an agnostic who wants the government to leave me the hell alone…?

I think so.
Back when I used to visit the monthly Birch Society (T.R.I.M) meetings at our library, they would always open with a prayer.
And they are libertarians, so had some interesting beliefs, unlike any others.

Well, I was banned.
Let this be a lesson; do not ever become a fundie, its all about hate.

But anyway, please remember to vote in Nov!