self-congratulatory thread (modesty free zone)

For the first time in a very long time, I’m pretty content with the way my life is going. Of course there are a few things here and there I hope to improve on but I feel like I’ve been heading in the right direction.
In hindsight, I went into college with a completely wrong mentality and have paid dearly for it freshman and a part of sophomore year. I thought going to college meant partying hard and getting laid every night and actually learning anything was a complete afterthought. Adjusting to college life wasn’t as easy as I thought and I fell into deep depression, unable to find a reliable group of friends or perform academically. Well that’s an understatement. I practically flunked every class. I probably spent over half of freshman year sleeping, or just wandering around at odd hours. Sophomore year, I associated with shady, unsavory people, trying various dangerous drugs and continuing to neglect academics.
But since then I’ve met a wonderful, attractive, and motivated girl that I love, have made Dean’s List, and I plan to continue to work hard and maybe go to law school. I’ve stayed away from hard drugs for over a year now and I don’t imagine I’ll ever try them again, especially after seeing first-hand what addiction can do to a person. I’ve had to live with the previously mentioned unsavory folks for my junior year because I signed a lease without too much thought, but I am moving out of that dump starting next semester and hopefully that will be the final step in leaving that phase of my life.
Sure, it’ll probably take an extra year to graduate and my GPA is still recovering, but without depression hindering my every move I believe I can achieve what I set myself to do. I think I’ve come a long way since freshman year.

Everyone please feel free to share personal victories, however minor they may be.

Eh, don’t worry, that’ll change again soon enough. Life’s a lot like the stock market.

First of all, congrats to the OP (I’m too lazy to bother with trying to type your name correctly). :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very proud of myself for finally getting out of my rut of co-dependent relationships with unhealthy, angry, bitter losers.

I am so glad I pursued a “nice guy” - he’s sweet and smart and honest and genuine and dependable and cute and funny and kind and generous - I could go on and on.

Being with him has helped me to become a better person, because I want to always be worthy of his love and trust.

I never thought I would be able to “win” such a man, and I never thought anyone would want to marry me, and I never thought I would be a mom.

Since we got together 3 1/2 years ago, we have gotten married, and have a beautiful 8.5 month old daughter.

I am proud of myself for making my most important dreams come true.

again, congratulations to both previous posters

I might get to illustrate a children’s book! Nothing’s definite, but a few weeks ago my aunt took a bunch of my lithographs and etchings to be framed and apparantly she got tons of comments and offers to buy them, which is awesome and might end up in some actual cash, but the coolest thing is that she met a guy who said that my stuff looked “exactly like what he had been picturing” for a book he’s writing! Even if this doesn’t pan out I am walking on air over it. It means a lot to me when people like my work- I don’t think that that is the ony goal of art, but the stuff I’m doing right now is specifically designed to make people say “awww” and this confirms that I’m on the right track!

I’m going to move out. But I’m finally going to do it this time, not just tell myself and all my friends I’m going to do it and then sit around and wallow in my dependent misery. I’m getting my ducks in a row, though, finally, and things are falling into place. I keep thinking about my new place, wherever it will end up being, and about being able to go to bed and wake up whenever I want to, do my homework on my own schedule, go out and veg out on the beach on a whim, get in a car and go drive somewhere with friends instead of always making excuses because I can’t ask the parents. Being able to choose which important sporting events I watch and when, being able to decide the path I go down in life, being able to find my own balance between work and play, wear whatever I want and do whatever I want and invite people over and go to concerts and go see my friend’s soccer games and take the classes I want and man, I’m pretty excited!

Good to read other people’s good news!

I am at long last out of the family home and on my own. I’m a much more cheerful and happy person, I live in a place with a better climate and friendlier people, and my legs are awesome from all the walking I’ve been doing.

I am no longer infected!