Self Destruction: Marie Calendar Edition

Turkey Pot Pie. $2 US

16.5 Oz, 1.03 lbs (?), 468 grams (WTF? I thought 16 Oz was a pound…there’s some serious math error goin on here.)

33% RDA of Salt, 45% Fat, 15% carbs, 1100 Calories

It takes 14 minutes to microwave.

Hip Hop Christ on a Pogostick I think I know why our health sucks. Sure tastes good though.

Yeah, pretty much. If you read what’s in most packaged stuff, you’re going to want to put it back.

16.5 Oz is 1.03 pounds. And 454 grams (per pound) X 1.03 does indeed equal 468 grams.

The damned thing even has an extra “l” in it and a different vowel. Fiends.

Well, their math works out, but they seem kinda oddball. Oh, and I forgot there are two servings (which I accounted for in the calories)…so it’s 1100 calories, but 90% of the fat (110% saturated) and 66% of the salt!

The real beauty of it is that those RDA listings are per serving…

…and the pie counts as 2 servings. :smack:

(Whoops, just missed the last post.)

Yeah, I haven’t eaten a Marie Callendar’s anything since I read the label on one.

Pot pies are yummy, but not good for you. The Stouffer’s chicken pot pie earned Eat This Not That’s “Worst Supermarket Food”, and has 1600 calories.

If you want pot pie without all the calories, try making it yourself. Replace the crust with phyllo dough and the cream in the sauce with low-fat milk or chicken stock.

I don’t eat any Marie Callender’s foods. They don’t tend to be healthy or kosher-friendly. And yes, I’m aware that kosher pot pies do exist, and are probably just as bad or worse for you. I haven’t tried them, but Mr. Neville has, and he says they’re not that good.

I had to write an email to Paradise Bakery to find the nutrition guide for their Fire Roasted Tomato soup (which is delicious).

Holy Heart Attack, Batman!
It has 11g of Saturated fat and 60mg of cholesterol in it! That’s WAY more than most of their sandwiches!


So, do we die Young, Fat and Happy, or Old Thin and Bitter?

That’s shocking. Tomato soup doesn’t have to have anything in it that’s high in saturated fat or cholesterol. The Campbell’s Soup at Hand Creamy Tomato Soup version has 1 gram of saturated fat and 5 mg of cholesterol. Progresso’s minestrone (which is tomato-based) has 0.5 grams saturated fat and no cholesterol.

They must use a lot of cream in theirs, or something.

Yikes. I had this last night. 2 servings indeed.

I’d rather be young and thin, and then age to not quite so young and fat and happy.

Unfortunately, I’ve been overweight my entire life, except from birth to 16 months (i.e. before I died).

Welcome to the appalling stuff you’ve been eating, Friday night edition!

Y’all have got to read the labels before you buy anything you’re not making from scratch, folks. Really. And find out what the food colorings and preservatives do-particularly the nitrates in lunchmeat/hotdogs versus your pancreas.

I just bought an entire box of them at Costco.

They are s-o-o-o-o-o good!

Good sig material

As someone who would have to live on take out were it not for frozen foods, I can say that there are some decent choices out there. I like the Amy’s Kitchen brand a lot for example. Even the more mainstream brands like Lean Cuisine aren’t bad. The one area where they all do pretty badly though is sodium content. Not sure why that is. Fortunately I don’t seem to be too sensitive to a couple extra grams of salt.

False dichotomy. I’d like to avoid the incapacitating stroke that leaves me helpless and bed ridden for the remainder of my life. I’ll try to eat healthy, thanks.

Hence the recent recall of pot pies.

They come in a smaller, single serving size.