Self-warming condoms? WTF?

That is, the Trojan Warm Sensation condom.

So, uh, like what’s with these? Supposedly they “warm” when applied to “moisture.” They’re not suggesting that people put napalm in they cooch, are they?

Seriously, anyone use one [or several] of these? What’s it like? What sort of look does the cashier give you when you buy it?

Never heard of them…but …ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWW…

If it’s not warm through the engorging of blood, then I doubt a small sprinkling of chemicals will help.

I am at a total loss to figure out why this is good (the commercial, seen during WWF) said it is “warm” for both people. Unfortunately, the method they used to try to show this was to hold the condom over a fire (safe distance away, not like they were making some sort of sexual smore) and when the “warming” sensation was announced, the fire…got really big (for a second, what’s the word for that?).

Unless they’re trying to teach people what the clap feels like, I can’t imagine what this is good for.

This would be useful for a necrophile, but only the kind that is only a necrophile because they can’t get a live woman. I imagine the true necrophile wouldn’t want the false sensation of body heat.

Not the biggest target audience I can think of…

Together with a water-based lubricant, they might catch on with RealDoll[sup]tm[/sup] owners.

That is exactly what I was thinking, when I started reading this. Perhaps the “warm” condom helps keep the chill down from a blowup doll.

The fire flared up?

Dunno about warming condoms, but I have some warming lube. Haven’t tried it out, but apparently you’re supposed to apply it and blow lightly on it to get it to warm. I will apply some (to my wrist or something) and report back if anyone wants to know what happens.

Seriously, though, shouldn’t everyone’s parts be warm already in a sexual situation?

Well, I would certainly hope everyone’s parts were already warm, Hari.

I don’t really much care for the warming lube stuff. It feels warm when you blow on it, and it feels warmer when you rub it, yes. And while the heat is notable on the arm or external genitals, you really don’t notice it when used internally, which is the typical use for lube. And it doesn’t stay lube-y very long, or at least the stuff I had didn’t. It would have been pretty much useless as a source of lubrication for intercourse. It’s more suited to genital massage and masturbation (and, I suppose, adding a dash of flavor to oral sex if you like your bits to taste like fruit). It does tend to be sticky after it loses its slickness, though. I think that may be related to the flavoring–the sample I won at my Slumber Party was like that, too.

Hmmm… wonder if you could warm a hot dog with it? Might catch on as a prepackaged lunch item. Oh, the fire “flaring up” would be an “eruption”.

I’m guessing you’ve never blown someone after they’ve worn a condom. The chemicals involved really don’t enhance flavor.

Honestly, I haven’t ever blown anyone. Pre-condom or post-condom. What’s it taste like? Like lickin’ a raw steak? and then post-condom… something like what one of those latex dishwashing gloves smells like? I can only try to imagine. And please, no offers to “enlighten me”.

Was it Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor who had the routine about herpes: “What’s next? Stick your dick in a lady and it just blows up!

Whoops! I apologize to ChairmanPow on my attempt to hijack the thread there. Wasn’t thinking.


Yes, yes I am thirteen.

Harimad got it right. I was in bed (sans self-warming goop) and sat bolt upright, “Flared!” Of course, by then, the computer was off. Although, I should have tried to work in “turgid” somewhere.

CCL brings up a good point: to get that stuff to feel like anything for the ladies, it would have to be above 98F. Now, I’m not aware of how keenly a person can feel minute temperature differences, but I’m assuming that it would have to be like 10 or so hotter than the surrounding area to be noticible, but that would be, like really hot. Like really hurts hot. I wonder if people will then refer to their flaming man-brands.

Now, I’m curious to see what sort of disclaimers they have on these things. I’m actually waiting to hear about recalls or lawsuits.

If the idea does work, maybe they’ll start with: mild, spicy, muy picante, etc.

Re: digressions: digress away. This is about as silly as it is going to get.

I have some “self-heating facial scrub” that I use in the shower. When the water hits it, it heats up. I would imagine that the lubrication on these condoms (and the KY Warming Liquid and related products) is similar. And let me tell you one thing … this shit is hot!!!

I’m not talking “gentle warming sensation.” I’m talking “napalm on the genitals” hot. Give it a second, it cools down, and I can transfer it from my hands to my face. But that first few seconds … hoo boy. I cannot even imagine wanting that kind of heat anywhere near my girl-parts. shudder

And ponderer, post-condom fellatio tastes almost exactly like sucking on a latex dishwashing glove. But with that slight aftertaste of what can only be described as “ick”.

Ponderer, it tastes like any other bit of skin, but muskier. I imagine it doesn’t really taste all that different from cunnilingus, if that helps any. After a condom…well, have you ever blown up a bunch of really cheap balloons? If we’re talking lubricated, spermicidal condoms, give the balloons a liberal spritz with that bitter apple stuff you use to keep your dog from chewing.

I don’t think they’d have to be all that far above body temp to feel the difference (and they’d have to be above 98 for men to feel the heat, too). I can feel a difference of two or three degrees, and I don’t think that I’m atypical.

Pardon me for bringing facts into this party, but I thought you might want to see some ingredients lists. You may be surprised to see no hot-pepper extracts.

KY Warming Liquid® contains Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, **Acacia Honey Type O,**Methylparaben.

Astroglide® (non-warming) Personal Lubricant contains Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium 15, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

I don’t know why the warming sensation happens, but it does. And, it doesn’t taste bad.

Now, a lot of folks figure, if we have saliva and her internal juices, we don’t need no stinkin’ bottle of lube. However, Cosmopolitan magazine says personal lube is the best thing you can do for your sexual pleasure. Simply wet doesn’t even compare to sssssssslick.

It’s the propylene glycol; I’m not sure if it’s an endothermic reaction or if it stimulates the nerve endings, but it definitely feels warm when it’s on the skin.

And just slick doesn’t compare to a hotel room with a king size bed, a brand new shower curtain, and two bottles of olive oil!