So WTF is the market for flavored condoms?

While in line at my local pharmacy I noticed several different varieties of flavored condoms, which made me wonder WTF the market is?

Since the only act that would matter is oral, unless there are people with taste buds in their vaginas or anii I have not heard of, the condoms must be for oral sex. But what is the point of wearing a condom with oral unless you’re really paranoid about STDs? Condoms suck so much a handjob would probably be better than oral with condom.

It is such a strange product.

Ding ding ding. That’s the point. You can catch STDs from oral, which is why health professionals will recommend using condoms and/or dental dams, but I can’t imagine a less fun way to go about it. Screw that.

Yeah, that’s most likely it.

Also, the novelty aspect :slight_smile: I found glow in the dark condoms, and my partner and I spent more time painting each other with the dust…'cause it was DUSTED in glow in the dark material, wtf?..than actually using the condom.

One time when I was still dating, I was on a road trip with my girlfriend at the time. We had forgot condoms so I bought some in a store on the road, it was an unfamiliar brand.

She said, “oh, they’re all different colors, are they flavored?”

Me: “no, they’re just…Yes, yes they are flavored.”

Next day at the OB/GYN “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you seem to have an irradiated vagina.”

I’ll have you know, I have a very discerning twat. Only the most flavorful taste will do.

I know it’s pretty common to use condoms for oral sex, but does anyone actually use dental dams? I’ve never heard of it happening. I would be absolutely shocked if a guy whipped out a dental dam with me. I’ve never used a condom for oral sex either though.

It’s possible some partners who don’t like the taste of cock and gag at the thought of semen in their mouths might be prepared to try oral with a flavoured condom - or at least the purchaser might think so. :dubious:

It’s the gum that really lasts all day.

That’s better than getting the phosphorescent kind, and having to stand with it over the bedside lamp for five minutes so it’ll glow when you turn the lights down!

I had a friend who used them. She said she was disgusted by the thought of semen in her mouth and didn’t like the taste of rubber.

Flavoured condoms were developed to wash away the taste of edible undies.

So, the market for flvored condoms is people who buy them accidentally. Got it.

No, the ones I bought weren’t flavored, I just thought it would be ‘funny’ to say they were flavored.

Ah. I’m a bit slow on the uptake this morning. Please disregard.

Hey, THIS bubblegum doesn’t taste so bad!:stuck_out_tongue:

Willy Wonka cosplayers.

You could always go ask Mr. Owl…

Forget about flavored condoms the thing I just cant get my mind around is flavored LUBE!

Or, of course, you could exhibit some discretion in your choice of sexual partners.