Semi-annual bar exam thread

I assume there is one semi-annually. I didn’t actually check.

Two nights remain until the fun begins. I’m confident with multiple choice questions. Just doing practice essay problems tonight and the first half of tomorrow and then will try to relax. Hopefully, get some sleep the night before.

Taking it here in Illinois.

Don’t overlook diversity jurisdiction.

I’m so glad that in Canada we don’t have diversity jurisdiction or any of the interplay between federal and state courts that you guys have. Our Civ Pro exam was way simpler!

We are the guinea pigs to have civil procedure questions on the MBE.

One day down. For anyone remotely interested. In IL, you get two days of examination. On day one, morning consists of 90 minutes to do 3 essay questions written by Illinois lawyers. Then 90 minutes to a performance test which usually consists of drafting a memorandum or letter based on a self contained universe of statutory law or case law. Then in the afternoon you get 6 multi-state essays to do in 3 hours.

Tomorrow is 6 hours of multi-state multiple guess questions.

Half way through! Good luck.

*I remotely care. I worked at a law school when I was in high school, and saw lots of people go through this…

What sort of references are you allowed? Do you get use of a law library or do you have to know all the statutes, procedures and case law by heart?

Sounds like the most difficult part is behind you. Good luck tomorrow. How long before you get your results? A couple weeks? months? Is it like other tests, where you have a pretty good idea if you well?

A friend of mine is taking the bar this week in California. Be glad, OP, that yours is only two days!

And good luck.

In cab. Heading home. Brutal, but at least there is no third day.

No references allowed. Everything has to be in your noggin with the exception of the performance portion where you get some fictitious case law, regulations, or statutes.

Results in about 6 weeks. I think it’s unlike other tests because a large percentage of people who have passed are convinced they have failed. :wink:

And some who thought they passed, didn’t.

Yeah. If you feel good about it, you probably fell for every red herring, misdirection, and emotionally tempting answer they threw at you.

Passed! Woohoo!

Can’t believe they release results on April fools day.

Congratulations. That’s fantastic. You never forget your first Bar Result.

Those are bad people.

But congrats!

You do realise that those aren’t the real results. Those come out tomorrow.

(Just kidding! :smiley: Congratulations! It’s a hard slog - glad you made it through.)