Senator Craig plays "Hide The Hot Dog"

Words fail me

Plus it’s a really stupid recipe, too. “Cut a hole in a potato, stick a hot dog in there, and bake it”? That’s not cooking–that’s something you do to entertain small children.

What a maroon.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

I feel obligated to point out that this is, in fact, *Suzanne *Craig’s recipe; the good Senator just puts it in his mouth and swallows.

This is best served by reaching under the stall door to hand to the unsuspecting diner.

Whew. And here I thought I’d be reading tasteless puns about how instead of a potato he prefers to slip his hot dog between the folds of some nice warm buns.

The hot dog puns are great, but I’m surprised nobody has commented on the double-entendre possibilities of “Super Tuber.”

Clicked on the link. Nevermind…

Hey, one swallow does not a slummer make. But I don’t think that’s cheese sauce dripping from Larry’s hot dog…

Dip it in your favorite hot dog condiments, huh?

Some people put mayo on their hot dogs.

Apparently, Sen. Craig likes Grey Poupon his wiener.

Hey! Another Bugs Bunny fan! “What a maroon; what a nin-cow-poop.”

There is a *honey dijon * joke in there waiting to be made, but I can’t find it.

Seems to me that by the time the potato is done, the hot dog will be a strip of leather.

I’m confused.

Are you talking about cooking or sex?

In Craig’s case he’s probably playing with a cooked piece of rigatoni anyway. Four minutes in the micro for a hot dog seems like overcooking.

Yeah, they are usually done after two minutes.


I think my head was going to assplode from all the double entendres in that recipe, given his history! Oh, my.

How many times do we have to say it: Gay does not equal pedo! Graig may like being a “dirty boy” and may have used his elected position to further his fetished lifestyle (by helping to oppress gays and thus creating the underground lifestyle where men feel the only way they can satisfy their “unnatural desires” is by taking it up the butt in a feces smeared bathoom), but that does not mean he, like some Scoutmasters, Catholic priests, or clowns, diddles little boys. Most kiddie diddlers are smart enough to know that a “wide stance” wouldn’t work as an excuse. :wink:

Uh, actually I read Duck Duck Goose’s comment on the “recipe” as just that - that something as simple as the linked recipe doesn’t warrant serious consideration as real “cooking”, but more something that you’d do to make a young child think you were doing cuisine. Like, say, if Craig (or anyone) had posted detailed instructions on how to make a sandwich involving presliced cheese and French’s mustard. I don’t think any pedo jokes were meant.

Now, back to the wisecracks and double entendres, please :slight_smile: